2014 Jimmy Choo Exotic EDT Trial Team

Jimmy Choo Exotic 2014

Inspired by the Jimmy Choo python collection, Jimmy Choo Exotic is a sexy and irresistible feminine fragrance. Striking and enticing, the scent comprises pink grapefruit, patchouli, raspberry and blackcurrant. The shape of the bottle is based on the original Jimmy Choo fragrance, while the python print has been reinterpreted with shades of orange, pink, white and black.

Size: 60ml
Price: R775
Availability: Selected department stores nationwide.

What we say:
I was incredibly excited when this little parcel landed on my desk; after all – who wouldn’t want to review a designer perfume? The python skin print and scale textured box definitely suggests “exotic.” I loved this and it made a pretty addition to my dresser. Considering the packaging and the name, I was surprised by how simple and classic the actual bottle was, although it was still visually appealing. The fruity scent (black current, raspberry and grapefruit) was a bit strong at first but I liked it much more once it had settled on my skin. However, while the combination of notes was pleasant and my friends really liked it, it wasn’t particularly striking – it makes for a nice everyday fragrance but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for something with a bit of a wow factor.  The scent grew quite faint after a couple of hours so it would need to be re-applied a few times during the day to have a lasting effect. Mainly for this reason I don’t think it’s a fragrance I would purchase since the bottle wouldn’t last very long.

I like the packaging of this product – it’s fun, fresh, and very modern.  The detail on the box is very attractive – pink and yellow snakeskin (inspired by Jimmy Choo’s signature shoes, no doubt!). The bottle is practical too – it’s quite small, which I like. The fragrance lasts for several hours, and I did not notice much fading after applying it. This does, however, depend on personal preference – I don’t like my fragrance to smell too strong! The actual fragrance is too heavy for me – it’s quite sweet on my skin, which is not the type of smell I am usually drawn to. I think if you generally choose floral and fruity notes, you may like it. I wouldn’t buy this product simply because I prefer lighter, more subtle fragrances.
– Jennifer

I loved the multi-coloured, textured snakeskin box. The bottle looks a bit like a orange grenade, and the perfume itself is a pretty pink. The fragrance was, to my nose, very, very sweet. I’m not a fan of strong floral or patchouli notes (they don’t suit me), so it’s not something I would choose for myself.
– Paige

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