In praise of chocolate: eye shadows

I am not massively into browns of any kind – unless, obviously, it’s chocolate. And autumn leaves, I guess. But in the interests of keeping you, dear reader, informed of the latest and the best in the world of beauty, I am prepared to go out on a limb (VERY subtle tree pun).

So: here are some of the eye shadows I tested, all inspired by our thoughts month this: In Praise of Chocolate.

In praise of chocolate eyeshadows

MAC Eye Shadow, R160 each, in Amber Lights and Espresso

These MAC shades come in dear little individual pots which just make me want to hold them in my hands. So sweet! But I wasn’t mad about the colours (a reminder: I’m not a brown eye shadow kind a gal). Until I put them on. Ooh! That Espresso shade especially had me going (they call it ‘the little black dress of your make-up collection’. It totally is!) The Amber Lights shade looks kind of weird and orangy in the pot but goes on a DIVINE bronze colour which I adored the minute I put it on. I shall be using that entire little pot till it is completely empty.

Clarins 02 Ombre Wet and Dry Eye Quartet Mineral Palette, R395

What I particularly loved about this quartet (apart from the swish, expensive looking packaging that comes in a special rich red pouch – I presume to keep it safe and scratch-free when it’s floating around in the bottomless pit that is my bag) were the two handy brushes (also substantial and expensive looking), one of which is POINTY so that you can easily line your eyes. Genius. The quartet consists of two base colours, a liner shade (to use with the pointy brush!) and a highlighter shade and it can be used dry or damp.

Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition Color Intrigue Eye shadow duo in Autumn Leaves, R205

I liked the weight of this palette: it feels solid and substantial. This eye shadow palette compact (is that what you call the container?) is edged with bronze and is inscribed with the legend ‘To be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman’ – words from the legendary Elizabeth Arden herself. It also has a very useful, decent-sized mirror – that doesn’t wierdly distort your features or wobble at you. Handy.

And after all this testing of chocolaty goodness eye shadows, I am beginning to see the advantage of a neutral shade: it makes the eyes stand out, subtly, and look as if you aren’t actually wearing any make-up at all – sneaky!


17 Responses

  1. I love chocolate coloured eyeshadows because they give my already brown skin a vibrancy…especially when i want natural eye makeup.

  2. To try chocolate eye shadows at a more cost-effective option, try Essence from clicks. Very affordable and I love the look and colour.

  3. Chocolate eyeshadows are nice for a day look. I feel like copper eye-shadow is the best kept secret of the beauty world, it looks great on every skin tone, in my opinion.

  4. I have seen quite a few bloggers and youtubers use the MAC Expresso in smokey eye looks and to add a smokey effect to most looks. The price is not bad considering it is MAC.

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