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Inspiring celebs who survived breast cancer

Celebrities who have survived breast cancer

In the past, we seldom heard about celebrities being ill, especially when it came to cancer. In more recent years, however, we’ve seen a major increase in the number of celebs who publically speak about their battle with the disease. Here, a few of the most inspirational celebs who have won their battle with breast cancer.

Christina Applegate
Because Christina’s mother survived breast cancer, the actress has always been diligent when it came to self-examinations and mammograms. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36, and because it was caught early her double mastectomy left her completely cancer-free four months after being diagnosed.

Sheryl Crow
Sheryl discovered she had breast cancer during a routine mammogram, and underwent surgery and six weeks of radiation. She has since actively campaigned to increase awareness of the importance of mammograms.

Robin Roberts
The Good Morning America co-host underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to combat her breast cancer, and later had to undergo a bone marrow transplant due to a blood disorder she reportedly developed from the treatments. She shared her journey on the show, and lives a healthy life today.

Giuliana Rancic
The popular presenter announced she had the disease on NBS’s Today Show in 2011. She underwent a double mastectomy, and had to give up on her pregnancy dreams as she and her husband opted for a surrogate instead.

Sharon Osbourne
Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer, and during treatment, discovered she carried the breast cancer gene. Not willing to take any risks, she underwent a preventative double mastectomy.

Kylie Minogue
The pop star was diagnosed at age 36, and made no attempt to hide her journey from the media. She opted for both surgery and chemotherapy, and emerged cancer-free post treatment.

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  1. I didn’t know that Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer, it’s amazing to know that they survived from cancer..So proud of them, really inspiring.

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