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Introducing Gève: the South African skincare brand you need to know about

Introducing Gève: the South African skincare brand you need to know about 2

We’ve seen a major increase in the launch of new South African skincare brands in the last few years, and among those, every now and again, we’re introduced to something truly special. Gève is one of those brands.

What sets Gève apart, is that it offers a South African first: it is the first local skincare range that addresses ageing at DNA level. But what exactly does that mean?

It is believed that a person sheds around 400 000 dead skin cells from the top layer of their skin every day. Gève skincare bypasses several layers of skin to target the DNA that lies beneath the shedding layer. The reason is this: our DNA creates new skin cells for skin renewal. A single skin cell can only divide a limited number of times before it dies or becomes dormant, so Gève’s formulations were designed to flush away these ageing cells and aid in the regeneration of the telomeres, the structures at the end of each DNA-strand.

In this process, the toxins released from the flushed ageing cells are flushed away too, and this allows the nutrients that they would have consumed, to be freed and used by healthy skin cells.

The results? The ageing process is slowed down and the skin is allowed to effectively repair itself, which leads to a clearer and brighter complexion.

What’s even more impressive, is that Gève achieves this without the use of synthetic ingredients. Their products are completely natural, utilising high-grade botanical ingredients. They don’t test on animals and they support sustainable farming practices and ethical harvesting – music to our ears!

Gève skincare is grouped into two sections to allow for targeted customisation: Core 1 includes the skincare must-haves i.e. cleansers, an exfoliator, a toner and moisturisers. Core 2 comprises the more specialised products including hi-tech serums, an eye gel and advanced day and night skin quenchers.

Introducing Gève: the South African skincare brand you need to know about 3

Our editor switched over to a Gève skincare regime late last year – this is her experience:

“When it comes to skincare, I’m a performance-driven consumer. For me, it’s all about the results, and no degree of pretty packaging or beautiful branding can convince me to keep using a product if I can’t see visible results.

When I try out a new skincare range, I always note what my skin concerns are before I start using it, and then I give it a couple of months to see if there have been any improvements. I was really interested to try Gève skincare because it I have not come across a botanical skincare range that tackles ageing on a DNA level yet.

I used a full Gève skincare range twice a day for almost three months: the Enzymatic Cleanser, Toner, Quench Dew-Kissed Gel Serum, Hydrate Day Cream and Define Sculpting Eye Gel.

First things first, I really enjoyed using the products – they are gentle on the skin, they smell great and have lovely textures and consistencies. I found it a really easy range to use and my skin felt great after every application.

When I started using Gève products my skin was in a pretty good condition, however, it lacked radiance and often looked dull. I also had quite noticeable dark circles below my eyes. After a couple of weeks I noticed that my skin had a more “dewy” look – my radiance was slowly returning. After a couple of months, I could clearly see an improvement in my skin’s luminosity. It no longer looked dull, it was soft and silky, felt moisturised and while I will likely always struggle with dark circles, they were no longer as pronounced as they were a few months prior.

Overall I was very impressed with the range and satisfied with the results. If you’re keen on supporting a local brand that delivers on its promises, this is a great one to consider.”

Learn more by visiting the Gève website here:


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