Introducing RefectoCil’s Dream Team

Introducing RefectoCil’s Dream Team 1

During the Summer months, UV radiation, salt and chlorinated water have an exacerbating effect on dryness, split ends and brittle hair structure. Eyelashes and eyebrows need special intensive care after sun-intensive months too.

RefectoCil, the world leader in eyebrow and eyelash tints proudly provides the armor needed to fight against the bristly appearance and sluggish growth of eyelash and eyebrow hairs.

Introducing the Dream Team, a range of at-home daily care products to style, care & boost growth for long, shiny lashes & full healthy brows!

Introducing RefectoCil’s Dream Team 2

RefectoCil Styling Gel (R220.00) delivers enriching care and provides colour protection for tinted brows and lashes. The complex care formula contains a high-quality composition of ingredients including vitamin E, d-panthenol and glycerine, providing the perfect balance of care, moisture and gloss for luscious lashes and wow brows!

RefectoCil Care Balm (R230.00) contains Castor oil, vitamins and plant oils that promote natural lash and brow growth whilst strengthening and nourishing the hair. The convenient 2-in-1 brush makes application simple, with a brush applicator for lashes and a flock applicator for brows. Apply before going to bed and the Care Balm strengthens the hair overnight. Brows and lashes become healthy, shiny, less brittle, and the hair colour saturated.

RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster (R775.00) is a natural alternative to fake lashes and microblading that solves the problem of sparse brows and short lashes. A single use compartment means there is no unnecessary switching between applications with the small tip applicator head being ideal for the lash line, and the broad underside of the applicator head being ideal for the eyebrow area. The Lash & Brow Booster offers a long-lasting solution for over-plucked brows and short lashes.

RefectoCil Eye Care Pads (R320.00) provide intense moisture with Hyaluron, vitamin E, Allantoin and highly concentrated Aloe Vera. The innovative gel-pad technology provides refreshing results leaving the skin smooth, nourished and firm.

RefectoCil products are available through distributors listed on as well as online at

This post was sponsored by RefectoCil.


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