Is Botox dangerous?

What are some of the dangers and risks involved in getting Botox?

The risks of getting Botox

Health expert Dr Duncombe from Skin, Body & Health Renewal:

“Botox, Vistabel, Bocouture and Dysport are all medical grade purified and stabilized botulinum toxin A products available at the moment. To start with, make sure that you are being injected with a dependable product such as these and also that the physician treating you has ample training in Botox procedures. It is further advisable to have your treatment performed by physicians who perform these procedures on a daily basis to ensure your safety and results.

Complications can arise from injections being placed incorrectly or doses being calculated incorrectly which can lead to incorrectly weakened muscles resulting in brow drop, eyelid drooping, uneven brows and even blurred vision.

The most common risks are bruising at the injection sites and perhaps a headache for a few hours to days afterwards. Infections at the injection sites are unheard of and I have never seen an allergic reaction either. The dose of botulinum A injected is far too small to cause any system effects and is safe even at high cosmetic doses, however we do not recommend having this treatment when you are pregnant, as no official risk studies have been undertaken in this case.”

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5 Responses

  1. I’m afraid of injected by needles.The needles are uncomfortable enough on the buttocks, I can’t imagine what is must be like straight to the face. Perhaps you could be at ease if you get a well experienced doctor who specializes in this treatment, as opposed to someone who is new at administering this treatment.

  2. Best to age naturally and gracefully. There are so many high-end cosmetic products on the market, so why risk something as invasive as Botox? I have tried a natural Botox alternative and its called Beenigma(available in SA). Its works like a bomb and there are NO side effects except if you are allergic to beestings!

  3. It is a personal preference thing. Some women would definitely opt for it while others would be hesitant. I think whoever chooses to go for it should do their homework and know exactly what they are getting into and obviously have a reputable person administering the injection. I have a stupid fear of needles so for now, I’ll pass.

  4. I’ve once overheard a very large table of women all sharing their botox experience over lunch and must say that it was very surprising to me that it is already so popular and widely accepted.
    I’d probably consider it too one day, especially if I develop a frown line. I’ve always said that I never want to age looking angry, but calm.

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