Introducing: Juicy Couture VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE


Juicy Couture presents VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE, the over-the-top, decadent rendition of VIVA LA JUICY that gives the girl who lusts for luxury the couture indulgence she craves.

VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE is the ultimate elixir of sensuality,” says Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc. “The addictive elements of the original VIVA LA JUICY are enhanced to create a new texture for the modern world of femininity. It is an enjoyable challenge and a pleasure to reinvent VIVA LA JUICY in so many ways, creating new, coveted versions of a true classic.”

Find out more about VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE in the interview below with Honorine Blanc, Master Perfumer of the scent. 

  1. What is the inspiration behind VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE?
    My inspiration centered on highlighting VIVA LA JUICY as timeless. Sasha – the VIVA muse – remains forever young, yet she’s always evolving. I wanted this fragrance to capture her golden sensuality and feminine confidence.
  1. How would you describe the fragrance? (Olfactive discussion of the top, middle, and base notes)
    VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE boasts a liquid, molten texture. For an overdose of sensuality, golden caramel is pushed from the base, as the original, creamy texture of VIVA LA JUICY is combined with addictive, warm notes. The vibrant, luscious wild berries on top surrender to intoxicating jasmine sambac and honeysuckle in the heart.
  1. How did you select the key notes?
    I focused on fragrance notes that, when combined, would create a textured scent that exuded luxury. To give the fragrance warmth, crystallized caramel was melted to become liquid gold swirled with sandalwood. I also pushed the original vanilla notes in VIVA LA JUICY to be warmer and creamier.
  1. What elements of Viva La Juicy inspired Viva La Juicy Gold Couture?
    The vibrancy of life plays a big part in both VIVA LA JUICY and VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE. For VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE, we turned up the sensuality by including melted caramel and amplifying the wild berries to add deliciousness.
  1. How does VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE fit in with the rest of the Juicy Couture fragrance portfolio?
    VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE represents another facet of Sasha. The VIVA LA JUICY fragrance portfolio is always feminine with a wink. VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE magnifies Sasha’s confidence and sensuality.
  1. Can you describe the woman who wears VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE?
    This woman is confident and playful, boasting energetic sensuality.
  1. How does this fragrance reflect the evolution of the Juicy Couture brand?
    Sasha is now more confident than ever. She is always smiling and full of femininity but now, she is much more instinctual with deeper sensuality. VIVA LA JUICY GOLD COUTURE captures this.
  1. How do you see fragrance as an element of couture?
    Couture fashion is how you dress your body and it is what you make known. Couture fragrance is how you dress your emotions and illuminate what you don’t reveal.

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  1. I absolutely love this fragrance! I have 4 Juicy Couture perfumes and they all smell amazing!

  2. I am very curious about this fragrance. I got a hint of the smell once and it stuck.

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