Let’s stop gender prejudice in beauty

Gender prejudice in beauty

As we move away from beauty being a ‘solution’ to a ‘flaw’ we have to ‘fix’, cosmetics have become an important tool for us to use to celebrate creativity and the quirks that make us unique. Men have noticed, and more and more of them have found their way into the makeup aisles.

How amazing?! Imagine having a door that’s been closed to you your whole life suddenly open – all of the colours! All of the fun! Well, that’s what it should be; fun. But boys wearing makeup in South Africa turn heads for the wrong reason.

You don’t have to go too far outside your own bubble to come across the opinion that men shouldn’t wear makeup. And while this position does have strong homophobic undertones, this is also – and perhaps primarily – a crime against gender.

Academics, charities and pop culture icons alike tell stories where heteronormative backlash against queer groups who do ‘conform’ to the constraints of their assigned gender (cigender LGBTIQA persons) are less likely to be targeted than those who act ‘against’ their assigned gender.

Gender-based violence, and violence against LGBTIQA groups in South Africa is pervasive, with the Eastern Cape being the centre of local homophobic attacks.

We don’t need more hate. We don’t need more violence.

Speaking directly to other heterosexual cisgender people, I’d like to challenge everyone to be more open-minded, and see how your small acts of disapproval go a long way to hurt already-vulnerable groups.

Remember, makeup has no gender! It’s for everyone! 

Can I get a whoop, whoop?! Ready to watch some boys exercising their right to bake, contour, and strobe? See our list of new wave of influencers we love.


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