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Local Brands We Love: Oorah

Local Brands We Love: Oorah 2

We love supporting local brands, so starting from this month we’re going to begin featuring South African brands who have caught our attention for various reasons. We’re not limiting this exclusively to beauty products, because we’ve decided to include brands who we identify with and who help make life a little more beautiful for all the right reasons.

We kick things off with Oorah, a Cape Town-based business founded by Andrea and Cheryl. They produce a gorgeously packaged and delicious range of collagen protein bars and balls.

We launched our first products in July 2018, but developing a bar with whole foods, and without all the added chemicals that bind, flavour and preserve it took well over a year. Our manufacturer told us it wasn’t possible, and no else one is doing it, and yet here we are!

Who are the team behind Oorah? 

The Oorah team is tiny and consists of its two founders, Andrea and Cheryl, and our legend guys (Mo and Hastings) who help pack and ship the products.

We started Oorah because we believe healthy is happy.

For us, health means a combination of things– eating a whole-food-based diet, being active, sleeping enough and managing stress levels. We believe that movement is life and that you are what you eat. Our goal: do life well.

Through this, we both developed a love for nutrition and a deep desire to help change lives through wellness. So while we always try to eat whole foods, we realised it’s not always possible. Life happens.

And this is when we noticed a distinct lack of convenient snack foods that we would happily eat ourselves (read: many hours spent in shop aisles, reading labels and getting frustrated that we couldn’t find anything that cut it) and met our criteria of ‘healthy’.

So we set out on a mission to create our perfect, healthy snack.

What has been the most challenging part about starting your own business?

Challenging the status quo was our first problem. The food industry is very entrenched in what it considers acceptable to add to food, and we wanted to question and change this, which meant an uphill product development struggle. Our second challenge has been educating consumers on what snack could be. The South African market is not used to snacks being healthy, or made with whole foods, or containing balanced macronutrients (carbohydrate, fats and protein). As such, it’s been difficult explaining how we are not like any other bar on the market.

Local Brands We Love: Oorah 3

Things you’d like to focus on and areas you’d like to grow in going into 2020?

We’re launching a vegan product – because everyone needs a balanced snack! And it’s so delicious I imagine we may have some non-vegan converts also. We’d also like to get into more stores in 2020, so more people can get their hands on our product.

South African brands you love?

We both use Esse’s incredible probiotic skincare range and love a little Zooka kombucha (it has the perfect amount of fizz, the flavour is just right and it comes in a glass bottle). Yum.

Local Brands We Love: Oorah 4

Who is Oorah?

We have a passion for life! And we believe a healthy life is a happy one. We are committed to producing the best real food protein bars on the market. While we believe fresh, whole food ingredients are always a better choice, we want to bring you an on-the-go snack that is as close to whole foods as possible, to allow you to live your best, healthy life. For the best, healthiest you.

Why do you do what you do?

‘Health food’ is a minefield, full of misinformation and misleading claims. We understand because we struggled to find brands we trusted with our most important asset: our life.

And so Oorah was born. Because sometimes you just need someone honest who can handle some of the tricky stuff for you.

Oorah wants you to burst with energy throughout the day, beat sugar cravings and the dreaded desk slump, and get the most from your workouts. And we want you to do it without the harmful chemicals found in other products.

Local Brands We Love: Oorah 5

Why is Oorah special?

Oorah Bars contain a careful balance of protein, fats and carbs to keep you fuller for longer and give you all the energy you need to get you through the day.

They also contain your full daily 10 gram dose of collagen! Collagen gives you glowing, younger-looking skin, makes your hair shiny and nails strong, improves gut health and sleep, and strengthens your bones and joints.

Gluten-free and non-GMO, you won’t find any sneaky refined sugars, flavourants, colourants, emulsifiers, preservatives, hormones or artificial sweeteners in our products.

Oorah bars contain only 4-5 ingredients and are the closest you can get to whole foods, in a form that fits into your bag and gets you through the day, without needing a PHD to understand the label.

Who is Oorah for?

Everyone! And we mean it. Runners, walkers, cyclists, athletes, grannies, grandpas, CrossFitters, kids, hikers, dog-walkers, yogis or roller-skaters. WHY? Because everybody needs protein. And because it’s combined with delicious, nutritious superfoods stacked with antioxidants and phytonutrients, you get those benefits too.

Local Brands We Love: Oorah 6

For information about Oorah and their range of products, visit their website and online shop.


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