Luminous vitality – part 3

Luminous Vitality: Part 3No one is born with perfect skin. And over time as our skin and body undergo life-changing experiences it stretches, scars and ages. It does, after all, serve a rather large function of keeping what’s inside our body, inside.

It’s time to start looking after our bodies and giving back what it needs – vitamins, minerals, and of course, love and attention. These body products could help bring back your skin’s luminous vitality.

Body Moisturisers

What they do: They bring back a younger you! Both men and women should make use of a moisturiser to prevent visible signs of ageing and help create softer, more supple skin.

You have: Dry, chapped skin
You need: Clicks Camphor Cream regular, R23,99

You have: Dull-looking skin
You need: Johnson’s Body Care 24hour Moisture Extra-Rich Body Lotion, R19,95, 200ml

You have: Uneven skin tone
You need: Nivea Naturally Even Body Lotion, R24,99, 250ml

You have: Extremely dry, itchy skin
You need: Eucerin Dry Skin Complete Repair Intensive Lotion 10% Urea, R139.99, 250ml.

Body Oils

The different types of body oils available each offer your skin loads of benefits. Tissue oils and beauty oils are all packed with powerful ingredients, which help hydrate skin, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scaring. We love Johnson’s Pure Tissue Oil, R89,95 200ml, The Body Shop’s Moringa Beautyfying Oil, R99 and Bio-Oil, R109,99, 200ml.

Take a step back and get healthy shiny hair in part 2. Or go back to the beginning with part 1. Then find out what make-up can do to help create luminous skin in part 4.


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20 Responses

  1. Always use the bio-oil on my face at night. An absolute must for replenishing the essential oils that are stripped away through cleansing and the harmful rays of the sun. Everyone should have a bottle. Use it on your face, body, hands – it’s truly a miracle oil.

    Great article.

  2. i too love oils especially during winters and if have time take warm olive oil and massage and then take a bath, keeps skin smooth and supple and not oily.

  3. Love the body shop oil, shea scent is a bit lighter, i love it! And the body butter, which leaves a lovely glow to your skin. Delon body butter olive smells amazing, and can get it for R15 at dischem. Sweet almond oil is also amazing for moisturising.

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