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Justine mens productsJustine Foaming Shave Gel

If you’re like me, looking for a very foamy shave, then the Justine Foaming Shave gel, R100 for 150ml, is not the one for you. But despite ending up with a soapy, rather than a foamy face, the shave gel did the job in delivering a comfy shave and the all important – no irritation. I’m not a fan of trying out new shaving gel, as it usually results in a skin breakout of some sorts. With Justine I did not get this problem so it’s a thumbs up. The smaller size of the bottle also makes it easier for travelling.

Justine Post-shave soothing gel

Post shave gels always guarantee a breakout for me, despite my being way past my teens. The Justine Post-Shave Soothing Gel, R110 for 50ml, surprised me as it left my skin feeling thoroughly moisturised without the stickiness other gels leave behind. A word of advice: don’t use too much, as a small drop is enough. Massage until completely absorbed by the skin. The fresh feeling is only matched by a healthy glowing skin.

Justine Soothing Moisture Balm SPF15

It’s one of those things you know you should do, but just don’t feel like, because you just put on some post-shave gel. The reality is that, without a good moisturiser (one that includes sun-protection) you will look twice your age in no time. Preaching done. The Moisture Balm, R195 for 50ml, did the job and my skin felt protected from the sun’s rays and moisturised, without being oily. Don’t be fooled by the small bottle: one squirt does the trick. Word of warning though: don’t let it get in your eyes.

Justine products are available from a representative. Phone 0860-10-23-45 to find a rep near you, or visit their website


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  1. I prefer using the Justine “triple action foaming face-wash” before shaving. It’s a shaving experience you’ll never compromise on. Great shaving products from Justine. You just can’t help liking this.

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