Nine summer make-up rules


After a long, hard winter, the sun’s finally come out to play! To ensure your make-up sticks around when the temperatures start to rise, take a look at these simple summer make-up ‘rules’ to help you beat the heat.

Get a fix

To prevent your look from sliding off your face in the heat use a good primer before you apply your make-up. It’ll give it something to ‘cling’ to so it’s less likely to do a disappearing act. Or the solution might be a spritz in the face with a setting spray, it’s been the secret of actors, dancers and other perspiring performers for too long. We love Clarins Fix’ Make-Up, R335.

Never expose your face to the sun

Do we really have to tell you how bad the sun is for your skin? Make sure you don’t set foot out of the house with an SPF of at least 15 and double up on your defences with a foundation that also makes use of sunscreen, something like Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Foundation SPF30, R650.

Don’t forget about your lips

Your lips don’t contain oil glands, so they’ll need a little boost in the moisture department. Look out for a hydrating lip balm that contains a decent sunscreen, something like Baby Lips from Maybelline with SPF 20, R47,95.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

If your skin becomes dehydrated, you’re going to develop the kind of fine lines around your eyes that concealer and foundation just love to slide into. To prevent this, make sure you drink lots of water.

Splash-proof your lashes

Panda eyes at the gym or around the pool is never a good look so make sure you’ve got a waterproof mascara like Catrice Glam & Doll Volume, R79. It promises to offer great definition while adding sumptuous-looking volume. Or if you prefer to stick with your go-to brand, and invest in Clarins Double Fix’ Mascara R335. It’s a clear waterproof gel topcoat that will enhance your mascara’s staying power. Used alone, it enhances lashes, giving shine and fixing their natural curl. It also does double duty as an eyebrow groomer.

Create a line that lasts

Many women avoid wearing liquid liner in summer as it’s the first thing to dissolve on your skin. To ensure your liner doesn’t budge, look out for long-wearing water-resistant formulas like L.A. Girl Fine Art Matte Eyeliner Pens, R119, 95. NYX Slide On Pencil, R109,95 is like liquid eyeliner without the mess.

Get a golden glow

Keeping out of the sun doesn’t mean you have to forgo looking bronzed. Simply fake it with a self-tanner especially formulated for your face. If you’re scared of commitment, try a bronzing liquid like BioNike Defence Sun Self-Tanning Face and Body Moisturising Milk, R99,95.

Switch to a lighter foundation

Summer skin is glowy and natural-looking, so don’t let a heavy foundation weigh you down. To make the switch, opt for formulas that promise sheer or luminous coverage or opt for tinted moisturiser like Chanel Les Beiges All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid moisturiser with SPF 15, R775. It contains glycerin, which leaves skin feeling soft and plump, while the dimethicone wards off dryness throughout the day.

Control shine

Don’t let unwanted shine ruin your summer holiday snaps. To keep the “oilies” at bay, make use of a light blotting powder like NYX Matte Blotting Paper, R99,95.


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    1. Bake your lids. Slap a LOT of powder on them and leave it there for a bit. I normally do my foundation and bake my lids. While they’re baking, I do my brows, blush, highlight and bronzing. Once I’m done with that, I brush off the powder from my lids and do my liner. I generally have oily skin so my lids are the first to go, but by adding this step to my routine, my liner stays all day and my eyelids are the mattest part of my face at the end of the day lol

  1. I never go a day without SPF 50 on my face, moisturizer and foundation with SPF. I never generally look at a balm with SPF for my lips, will take a note of this.

  2. Always, always use a high SPF, full-spectrum foundation that blocks effectively against both UVA and UVB rays.

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