Nivea comes out tops

Nivea comes out topsWe don’t have many male Beauty Masters, but we’re proud of those we do have! And to show our appreciation we let them test drive some of the products in Nivea’s For Men Sensitive skincare range.

Nivea For Men Sensitive Face Wash

‘I absolutely love this face wash. I use this face wash morning and night and what’s so great about the Nivea For Men Sensitive Face Wash is that it’s very gentle on my skin…’ READ MORE

– shaun

‘I have to give this face wash by Nivea a 5 out of 5. The micro fine scrubbing particles not only remove dirt, dust, blackheads, oil or impurities, they actually remove dead skin cells to give your skin a healthy radiant clean glow…’ READ MORE

– gerrit

Nivea For Men Sensitive Shaving Gel

‘This is by far the best shaving gel for your money. With a pleasant smell that will give anyone using this shaving gel a decent shave, it’s inexpensive and in my personal opinion, a can that tends to last a long time…’ READ MORE

– shaun

‘This is really a WOW shaving gel! I like it; I love it! I like Nivea For Men’s Sensitive Shaving Gel so much that I won’t use any other shaving gel in the nearby future…’ READ MORE

– gerrit

Nivea For Men Sensitive Moisturiser

‘I am always sceptical when it comes to a moisturiser, because I have used moisturisers (in fact many) and always end up with a greasy nose or forehead…’ READ MORE

– shaun

‘Due to my job as a construction worker, I need to apply a moisturiser on face everyday. What I love about the Nivea For Men Sensitive Moisturiser is that it’s enriched with natural chamomile and vitamin E to care for skin…’ READ MORE

– gerrit

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20 Responses

  1. Lovely to hear from the men on Beauty South Africa. More reviews from the guys, please!

  2. good stuff u guys. will let my hubby view this article as well. its very important that men take care of themselves as well

  3. Nivea comes out tops : Great reviews guys. One thing though – I’m a male beauty master as well and feel dissapointed or “left out” because I was not also given a chance to review some male products. Maybe Beauty SA has forgotten about me. Maybe next time they’ll choose me :0

  4. Thanks for the great reviews! Nivea really is such a good brand for both men and women. My husband uses allot of products from the range.

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