Fixing perfume overload

Fixing perfume overloadIt’s not the end of the world; you don’t need to take another shower, and stop scrubbing your wrists already! Alllure magazine has a great tip if you’ve accidentally applied too much perfume.

One perk of my job: testing fragrances. One downside of my job: testing fragrances.

You know exactly what I’m talking about. A perfume smells amazing in the bottle but disappointingly gross on your skin. Or it smells incredible on your skin, so you get a little trigger-happy – and turn into a stink bomb. You can scrub with soap and water all you like, but the scent lingers.

That’s why I was excited to pick up this tip from Glen Anderson, executive director of innovation at Avon. The best way to neutralize perfume isn’t scrubbing with soap or water or masking it with another scent, he says – it’s with alcohol.

‘Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and dab it on wherever you have sprayed too much perfume,’ says Anderson. ‘It will quickly dilute the scent.’

Try it, and those around you will thank you.

Written by Elizabeth Siegel, this article originally appeared in Allure.

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