Our favourite celebrity bob hairstyles

Ever thought of going for the chop like these A-listers did? Ever considered getting the classic bob, one of the most timeless hairstyles ever? It’s a new season, so now is a better time than ever to try a new look. Here, our top picks of tousled and perfectly primed celebrity bobs.

Celebrity bob haircuts

It-girl Rihanna sure knows a thing or two when it comes to bobs, and keeps hers interesting by changing the colour regularly.

Emily Blunt
Not sure how you’re going to look? Why not try a faux bob and tuck it under like Emily does to get a feel for it before you go for the chop.

Katy Perry
We love this touch of pink that Katy adds to her asymmetrical bob. It looks sleek and simple, while the unusual colour adds a bit of edge.

Top celeb bobs

Sarah Harding
Sarah’s approach is glamorous and fresh, and she sweeps her bob away from her face for effortless chic.

Naomi Campbell
If a world-class model thinks it’s hot, then why not?

Alicia Keys
Singing sensation Alicia started her career with cornrows, but has progressed to a more sophisticated, edgy version of the bob. We think it suits her creative personality perfectly.

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16 Responses

  1. Rihanna is ALWAYS on point when it comes to hair…i think Victoria Beckham’s long bob should have been included

  2. I love Rihanna’s more volumised bob. It can look great on a lot of different face shapes. Gorgeous!

  3. I love Katy Perrys bob! I would love to do it with my hair but my hair has a mind of its own and is stubborn at times.. too risky :-)

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