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Our favourite facial sunscreens

Too sticky, too oily or too thick – these are just a few of the excuses women make for not wearing a daily SPF. If you’re one of those women who think the SPF in their foundation is enough, it’s time to get educated! UV rays cause sun spots, wrinkles and premature ageing despite the weather conditions – even the cloudiest of days allow harmful rays to penetrate your skin.

The solution? To wear a broad spectrum sunscreen under your make-up every day. These formulas are lightweight, effective and easily absorbed. Take your pick from our eleven favourites for the upcoming summer months:


Bioderma Photoderm Max Dry Touch SPF50+ Cream, R199.95

BioNike Acteen Sun 50+ Gel-Cream, R129.95

Juliette Armand SPF30 Sun Film, R465

Sisley Age Minimizing Global Sun Care SPF15 UVA, R2485

Sensai Sun Protective Compact SPF30, R840

Avon Sun Protecting Balm SPF30, R43

Dermaceutic Sun Ceutic 50 Anti-Aging Sun Protection, R400

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50, R650

Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze SPF 50 Face Cream, R109.99

Vichy Capital Soleil SPF50 BB Tinted Dry Touch Face Fluid, R279

Shiseido UV Protection Compact Foundation SPF30, R395

Have you tried any of these? What were your thoughts?

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8 Responses

  1. I wear sunscreen on my face every day. The Clinique Cityblock is a lightweigt formula that offers a lot of protection. I love it and always have one on hand. They say even the fluorescent lighting in offices are dreadful for our skin and that’s why I use sunblock every day even if I am only in the office.

  2. I love Bioderma’s SPF 50 light for the face, it’s amazing and non-greasy. It just leaves my skin glowing which is fantastic. It also doesn’t pull if I apply a BB cream over it when I want more coverage.

  3. I haven’t tried any of these but I’m considering trying out the BioNike Acteen Sun 50+ Gel-Cream

  4. I have the Bioderma Photomderm Max. I love how lightweight the fluid is. It spreads easily and does not leave that weight veil that other sunscreens leave.

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