Overshadowed by a look

Overshadowed by a lookThe danger with changing your look drastically is that it could overshadow your personality. Allure magazine takes a look at Miley Cyrus’ latest crop.

Miley Cyrus has gone on the record again and again (and again) about how much she loves her new Chris McMillan crop – and can you blame her? We’re all kind of obsessed with it.

But she does have one small complaint – that other people won’t stop talking about the dramatic cut.

The only thing that’s hard is it’s the only thing people want to talk about,” she told People at the MTV Video Music Awards. It’s easy to see where Cyrus is coming from when even the most talented celebrities can be outlived by a signature look – think Mia Farrow and Grace Jones.

I can’t speak to this personally since my style always errs on the side of understatement (bring on the neutrals and long hair, please!), but I can imagine that it would be frustrating. And though the commentary is certainly louder and on a larger scale when you’re famous, I’ve noticed this even happens to ‘regular’ people. We’ve all had that friend who decides to get a drastic dye job or chooses a really intense dark lip colour as her make-up staple – and suddenly, when we refer to them, they’re not just ‘Susan’ but ‘you know, that girl with the bright red pixie’.

Have you ever gotten a look that people wouldn’t stop talking about?

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Written by Alexandra Owens, this article originally appeared on Allure.

Image: PRPhotos.com

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