Pastel make-up you should try this spring

Pastel make-up ideas to try

There are a couple of make-up trends that seem to intimidate women all around the world: winged cat eye liner, the bright red lip  – and – pastel make-up. Shades of ice cream, candyfloss and mint look stunning in editorial beauty spreads, but can leave you looking sickly if you attempt it at home. But why? The truth is, pastel shades work with every skin tone, no matter how light or dark. The trick lies in selecting the colours that complement your skin tone and features, rather than blindly following a trend. Here, a few tips to help you get started.

The eye area is the most tricky when it comes to pastel eyeshadow and eyeliner. Women often think they look ill if they apply lighter shades, which can very well be the case. Eyeshadows with pink tones can easily bring out any redness in your eyes, making you look tired and run down. If you’re very fair, or are prone to any form of redness on your face, give pinks and purples a miss. Hardly anyone can pull off yellow (unless you have very deep skin), so that’s best left to the professionals too.

The best way to choose your colour, is to consider your eyes. Brown eyes are the easiest as they work with most colours. Try shades of green (especially mint), lavender and baby blue. If you have blue eyes, try wearing shades of peach and blue (peach complements your eyes, whilst blue will bring out their colour). Green eyes look beautiful when paired with shades of purple and lavender.

Want to look wide awake? Line the inner rim of your bottom eyelid with white eyeliner. It instantly brightens your eyes (and works for all skin colours).

If you’re very fair or very dark, pastel pink, lavender and peach lips will look youthful, fresh and bold. Unfortunately, for those of us with medium skin tones, pastel lips tend to make the skin look a bit washed out. If you’re medium-skinned, stick to neural or darker lip colours and save the pastels for your eyes and nails.

This is your playground, Beauties. Pastel nail colours suit everybody! No matter how light or dark your complexion, you can get away with just about any colour on your nails. The only one to look out for is, once again, pastel yellow. If you have a yellow undertone it can make your skin look sallow. Other than that, have fun with every shade of baby blue, mint, peach, lavender and pink you can find!

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11 Responses

  1. Thank you for revealing the secrets of the pastels to us mere mortals. I have seen so many pretty pastel pink lipsticks but been too worried to try them out. But not any more. My only issue is the white liner on the water line, it made me look weird, so mabye a bone coloured one would work for those of use who are more medium to dark? I am not sure…comments?

  2. I’m so glad that they recognize how intimidating pastels are to women. I would like to try doing a pink lip and started out with the gloss but always end up using my dark liner instead.

  3. I am not a fan of colours on my face… Even red lipstick is not for me. I prefer colour gloss, and that is the most! Nails, I am all in though!

  4. I’m loving the pastel colours for spring, they are so feminine and easy to wear for any skintone.

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