Product of the week: Endocare Radiance C Pure Concentrate

In this new segment, we turn the spotlight on products that we believe, steal the show. If it’s our product of the week, consider it amazing!Product of the week: Endocare Radiance C Pure Concentrate 1

Endocare Radiance C Pure Concentrate

What they say:
Intensive ampoules to combat the visible signs of ageing and highlight the luminosity of the skin. Its high concentration in vitamin C, performs a powerful antioxidant and illuminating activity, whilst SCA technology® Growth Factor Technology helps to regenerate the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and increase firmness. Proteoglycans provide a filler effect as well as hydration. Clinically tested on mature, photoaged and altered skin types. Fast-absorbing, oil-free lightweight texture suitable for all skin types.

Product of the week: Endocare Radiance C Pure Concentrate 2

What we say:
I was excited to try this product as my skin has been a bit dull lately, but I was a little apprehensive because I’ve previously experienced sensitivity to vitamin C. As this concentrate contains 15% vitamin C, I expected my skin to react, or at least show some signs of irritability. I decided to use it once a day, in the morning only, for two weeks as directed. The box contains 14 easy-to-use ampoules (one per day), making it easy to keep track of your two-week journey.

I applied the concentrate every morning after cleansing, and found that it absorbed well and didn’t feel oily on my skin. The texture is light, and it has a neutral scent. I followed with a hydrating moisturiser and – most importantly – a broad spectrum SPF50. I reapplied my SPF a couple of times during the day, especially before my afternoon walk and if I was heading out. Vitamin C can increase your sun sensitivity, and as someone with very fair skin that’s prone to sun-induced pigmentation, I took no risks.

I was completely amazed when, after a few days, my skin hadn’t shown any signs of sensitivity or reaction!

The results happened gradually over the fourteen days. A few days in, my skin had increased radiance and after completing the two-week course, I can definitely notice a visible improvement in my skin. My complexion is brighter and more radiant, and my existing sun spots are lighter. Overall, I think I look a little bit more rested (possibly because my skin isn’t so dull anymore!).

I would definitely repeat this two-week course a couple of times a year to boost my skin’s radiance and I think it would be fantastic to use in the weeks leading up to a big event like a wedding.
– Anien, BSA Editor

Endocare Radiance C Pure Concentrate is available online at Skin Renewal and Skin Miles and at selective Aesthetic Medical Practices nationwide. for R933.00.


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