Say hello to the new look Youthology collagen powder and get 15% off your order

Say hello to the new look Youthology collagen powder and get 15% off your order 1

The benefits of taking a good quality collagen powder are astounding, and local brand Youthology crafts one of the best formulations we’ve come across. You may have read our editor’s review of Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen earlier this year (check it out over here), and if so, you’ll remember that this product is unique because of its composition.

Here’s a little recap of why we love Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen so much:

  • Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen contains type I, II and III collagen peptides making it a complete multi collagen formulation. Most collagen products only contain types I and III collagen peptides, but Youthology recognises the importance of this third ingredient and has incorporated it into all of its products.
  • Youthology types I and II collagen peptides are targeted to optimal rejuvenation of skin, hair, nails, joints and even cellulite reduction, and are also proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 50% in four weeks. Type II premium collagen peptides target joint restoration and flexibility, reducing pain and inflammation by 60-70% within three months.
  • Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen also contains hyaluronic acid and chondroitin, two powerful anti-ageing ingredients known to hydrate skin, plump skin and increase joint lubrication.
  • Youthology is three times more bioavailable and bioactive due to its minute micron size and is detectable in the bloodstream within 30 minutes after consumption – proof that it gets absorbed and transported to the areas we need it most.
  • Youthology results are measurable and are backed by clinical trials – another thing that sets this brand apart from competitors.
  • Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen has a neutral taste and smell, making it pleasant to consume and easy to incorporate in smoothies, soup, tea coffee or warm cooked meals.

Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen is now available in brand new packaging! The sexy black matte tubes are fully compostable and include a 10g scoop to make daily measuring super easy. New to the range is the box of convenient sachets, which are perfect for travelling, keeping in your handbag or gym bag and for using on the go. Each box contains 30 x 10g sachets, which is basically a month’s supply. Check out the range here.

Say hello to the new look Youthology collagen powder and get 15% off your order 2

From the editor’s desk:

“At the age of 34, I’m losing roughly 1% of my collagen per year, so for me, it’s essential to replace some of that collagen to delay the formation of wrinkles and loss of elasticity in my skin. But I know that there is so much more to collagen than just that. Healthy hair, speedy hair growth and strong nails are also supported by collagen, as is healthy joints and cartilage.

I’m a big believer in supplements, but I’m careful when selecting which supplements to take. There is no point in spending a lot of money on a product that doesn’t get absorbed easily, or one that hasn’t shown results in clinical trials. That’s why I love Youthology. Not only does their Pure Bioactive Collagen contain all three collagen peptides, but their claims are backed by clinical trials.

I’ve seen fantastic results, but I must emphasize that taking a collagen supplement is a marathon, not a race. You’re not going to wake up the morning after your first dosage with longer hair or smoother skin, however, if you take the recommended dosage daily and consistently, you will see results over time. After a month my most noticeable results have been faster growing hair and nails and an overall brighter and smoother complexion. I recently started going back to gym, and have also noticed that my muscles and joints recover quickly after a workout (this isn’t necessarily a collagen selling point, but it’s shown to help support healthy joints which definitely aids workouts and fitness). I’m excited to see what this collagen supplement can offer my skin in the long-term, as I’m using it in conjunction with a targeted skincare routine and a healthy diet.

Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen is super easy to consume. I add my daily dosage to my smoothies, I mix it into soup, stews, pastas and curries and have even added it to warm drinks like hot chocolate. When mixed into a smoothie or food I cannot taste it whatsoever – you wouldn’t even know it was there.

Youthology is my collagen brand of choice because of the fantastic quality of its ingredients, the clinical trials that back it up and visible results I’ve experienced. If you’re keen to give it a go, I highly recommend you make use of our coupon code below to get 15% off your purchase.” Anien – Editor

BeautySouthAfrica readers can get 15% off any Youthology Pure Bioactive Collagen order when you use our unique code: YOUBEAUTYSA upon checkout.

Shop online here.

Say hello to the new look Youthology collagen powder and get 15% off your order 3

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