Sexy summer hair for men

style icon: David BekhamThere’s nothing like a sexy short hairdo this summer to make the girls swoon. After all, why hide behind long locks of untamed hair when you can show your handsome face off to the world? With the summer rays beating down on us, there are more than a few reasons to go short this season.

But before you get the chop, it’s always a good idea to see what kind of face shape you have to find the perfect short style just for you. The basic rule of thumb with hairstyles is that you are trying to mimic the oval face shape. This is the most aesthetically pleasing shape and it suits most hairstyles. To do this, long faces need to create an illusion of shortening and wide faces need lengthening. Thankfully short hairstyles look good on most face shapes.

Oval face: Think Jude Law and Josh Duhamel.

Square face: We’re talking David Beckham and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Oblong face: The likes of Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise.

Triangular face: Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling.

Heart face: Like Bradley Cooper and David Spade.

Mens face shapes

Now, let’s look at what celebrities are doing these days with shorter cuts.

As a man who has had pretty much every haircut known to man, David Beckham is a style icon. His typically angular and chiseled face looks best when he adds height to the top of his head, while keeping the sides shorter. This type of style emphasises the square shape, which is typically seen as being quite masculine. You can, of course, soften this face shape with longer hair, but since it is summer it is the perfect time to go shorter and rather emphasise the masculinity a square face has to offer.

Bradley Cooper is another star who has had the chop. Famous for his longer curls in The Hangover, his newly completed movie The Words has him donning a shorter, sexier cut. Keeping his hair close to the face above the ears helps to narrow the forehead – which is a must when you have a heart-shaped face. He also has semi-spiky soft layers on top which helps to balance out a narrow chin. All in all, this style succeeds in mimicking the oval face shape. You will note that Bradley Cooper hardly ever has his hair too long at the crown and he also avoids a heavy fringe because this would make his face appear top heavy.

Ryan Gosling is another star who knows just how to keep it short. With his typically triangular face, this side parting is ideal because it helps to narrow the chin and widen the forehead. His slightly layered hair also helps to balance and soften the jaw line.

All-in-all, short hair is not only bang on trend, but:
it’s easier to maintain
most men look younger with shorter hair
it looks smarter and more professional so it’s an ideal haircut for work
short hair lets you show off your gorgeous face



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