Shaving and thicker hair growth

Shaving and thicker hair growthMale Standard sheds some light on why hair regrowth is faster for some guys compared to others.

More and more men are looking to remove unwanted hair. Men along with women are spending more and more money on permanent hair removal treatments, ignoring the conventional safety razor.

It’s thought that some of the attraction to remove hair for the long-term stems from the conventional wisdom that shaved hair comes back thicker and faster than it previously did. There are many teenage boys who hope for this; but, most folks know it’s just a myth. It can be pretty interesting to speculate why these beliefs continue to persist.

What determines the rate of hair growth?

Keep in mind that the rate hair grows back is determined by several factors including:
nerve function of skin area

Understanding hair growth

When a man is healthy, the growth of hair is determined by how long the follicle stays in the growth phase. About 80% of the hair follicles are in this stage and can remain there for many years. There are two other phases of the hair growth cycle besides the anagen (growth phase):
Catagen (or transitional phase)
Telogen (or dormant phase)

There are many reasons why men lose their hair:

And, these occur when a number of follicles reach the telogen phase while under regulatory hormones.

Some medications – not chemotherapy drugs – have a similar effect on the follicles like:
Tricyclic antidepressants
Epilepsy drugs

There are some medical conditions where hair growth is sped up or there is a change in hair type and distribution. Repeated exposure to male hormones can cause additional hair for the face and body but less for the scalp.

Hair that now grows in this area is often darker and thicker than previous hair because androgens make the hair follicles generate a certain kind of robust hair. Under normal circumstances, hair grows back at .49 in a month for head hair. Body hair will reach a certain point, quit growing and fall out.

This perception of fast hair growth once a man starts shaving is just a reflection of being more aware and self-conscious. Plus, it’s just an illusion that hair grows back thicker and darker. There is no credible evidence that suggests this actually happens, regardless of what product manufacturers have claimed.


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