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Should you be taking a beauty supplement?

Beauty supplements are popular, are they for you?

If we had a Rand for every time Kim K tried selling us hair vitamins, we’d probably be able to afford her sister’s lip kits by now. Salty, yes – but true. Spent time on Instagram lately? Then you would know that beauty supplements are the new ‘it’ thing celebrities are promising will give us the glow-up that coconut oil and charcoal toothpaste didn’t. But…do they work?

The science of supplements

Well, there’s no straight-forward answer there, because it depends, right? If you’re taking a mix of vitamins, minerals and superfoods that don’t necessarily have a scientific basis for their claims, it’s possible that you’re wasting your money. Biotin for example – an ingredient in many hair growth supplements – hasn’t been unequivocally proven as an effective ingredient to battle hair loss.

Expect results

That doesn’t mean Biotin and other under-researched ingredients are bogus. They may well be super helpful and show this in future studies, but if you’re not looking to gamble with your hard-earned pay check, it might be smarter to stick with supplements with documented results.

We’re big fans of curcumin for inflammation,  magnesium for sleep and immune support, and probiotics for gut health – all of which will have your skin and hair looking their best, naturally.

But then again, even when your supplements have the right ingredients, there might be problems with the brand you buy. When you enter the often-bewildering supplements aisle, you’re likely going to be tempted to buy from cheaper suppliers. After all, if you’re not yet sold on the whole vitamins gig, why spend more? Well, this is where being thrifty catches up with you.

Where to save, where to splurge

The more affordable goods are often synthetic, and because these often contain massive amounts of one part of a vitamin or mineral your body needs, and too little of another, they can be unbalanced. Annoying. Counteract this problem by buying one, strong multi-vitamin that covers all the bases, and get it from a reputable brand – like these recommended by skincare experts, Skin Renewal.

So, what have we learnt? Supplements are a good addition to a balanced, healthy lifestyle if they contain the right ingredients in the right forms. If you have more questions on supplements or any other skincare concerns, remember you can ask our experts at Skin Renewal. How cool?!

Have you tried any supplements before? What’s worked for you? Answer in the comments below.


6 Responses

  1. Definitely something I swear-by.If your insides are healthy your outsides will be healthy.

  2. Bought hair & nail supplemenys from discem(discem brand) and it really worked for my hair as it contained of fish oil and all healthy vitamins! And it is affordable.

  3. I have experienced the importance and effectiveness of taking beauty supplements. I take supplements to assist with strengthening my hair and nails and they have been very helpful. I noticed major improvement when I began these supplements .

  4. I Personally think it is important to take beauty supplements, I take hair skin and nail supplements which promotes growth and leave my skin flawless.

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