Chin breakouts? No problem!

Chin spots

Whether you’re in your teens or in your fifties, chin spots can come for you. Painful and so super there, they’re always a mission to cover with concealer. And that’s if your concealer’s even up for the task, and won’t give in midday when the office AC gets going and the going gets tough. Then there’s the skincare damage control you need to start ASAP, on top of the Herculean test of willpower you have to endure to resist the temptation to pick and squeeze. Which inevitably do every (*clap*) time (*clap*) even though you know what’s going to happen. There are bigger problems in the world, but this still counts as an ordeal in our books.

Luckily, there may be a simple solution to all our woes, although you might kick yourself when you find out what’s to blame for the chin trauma. Your fingers. Wait, what? Let me explain. You see, loads of us unconsciously touch our faces throughout the day. One study showed this could happen up to seventeen times a day! Not weird in itself until you realise how much gunk, oil, and (since we’re not washing our hands properly) bacteria we house on our fingertips, that we then transfer onto our innocent little faces.

So, if touching your face keeps acne supplied with the all the grease and bacteria it needs to thrive, the simple solution is to stop doing it, right? Right…but that’s easier said then done. Recall, most people touch their face without really thinking about it.

Do this experiment with a friend: The next time you’re hanging out, ask them to tell you every time you touch your own face, then do the same for them. You’ll quickly see just how often your hands are getting cosy with your  neck, chink, cheeks, and even your forehead.

But practice makes perfect. Try to truly notice yourself doing it, until it no longer feels like second nature. You’ll diminish this habit slowly over time with some help from your friends,  Self and Control. In the mean-time, gently clear up any existing spots with a soft cleanser and a bacteria-zapping AHA and BHA solution.

You can also consult a Skin Renewal expert if you’d like a bit more insight. Don’t have a Skin Renewal near you? We do have an ‘Ask the Experts‘ tab where you can leave your burning beauty questions for our doctor’s to answer. Be as specific as you can for the best answer.


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