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Six lip balms you should try this winter

The winter months mean dry and chapped lips… No matter how much water you drink, the combination of cold air, heaters and air conditioning are guaranteed to leave your lips craving some hydration. If you haven’t yet found your perfect winter lip balm (or you’re just looking to change it up a bit), why not try one of these potent little lip rescuers? We give them 10/10 for providing long-lasting moisture and relief from the effects of winter.

Lip balms for winter

Eucerin Intensive Lip BalmR59.99

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair BalmR185

Labello Lip Butter in Raspberry RoséR29.99

Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, R165

Bioderma Lip Balm, R99.95

Nuxe Lip Moisturizing Stick, R65

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9 Responses

  1. Well there’s a difference when your just plane addicted to lip balm and I have them all over the house and of course in my bag. At the moment I’m trying epimax wich is alright, I’ve also tried the bepanthen nappy care ointment for my lips wich funnily enough I actually liked I’ve tried proxera wich I find to clammy but does the job just not for me but won that I just can’t beat is VANDOL and they discontinued it 20 yrs ago and if it was out now it would be more popular as ppl are more into lip balms now I think. Labello for your bag is always great!!!

  2. I’ve been using the 8hr intensive balm and it’s a great product. My lips are very dry and I find the 8hr balm to be even more soothing that the original 8 hr cream.
    I apply this right before bed to keep me going throughout the night. Other lip balms aren’t as effective and if I wake up in the middle of the night I find myself needing to reapply because of how tight my lips are, but it doesn’t happen when I use the 8hr balm.

  3. I definitely need to try the Eucerin as my poor lips are pealing, because it’s so dry not even Vaseline has done anything to try and help the situation.

  4. A very underrated and much cheaper product is the carmex lip care line. They hydrate lips so well and give an extremely natural look

  5. Sometimes some good old Vaseline petroleum jelly is all you need. But it’s nice to spoil yourself with these amazing products when you deserve it :-)

  6. I love lip balms :) The only thing I don’t like it when it’s in a tub and you need to use your finger to apply it.

  7. Labello, a nostalgic favourite!
    Eucerin lives up to its claim of helping extremely dry lips. And it does not feel as if one has a layer of fat stuck on top of your lips.

  8. I have the eucerin lip balm, and it is nice, makes lips smooth, but my life and lip savior is blistex! I am taking high doses of orratane daily and this has made my skin dry and my lips crack and bleed and get fever blisters, Blistex Medix has stopped all that! My lips are soft, and fever blisters have stopped all together! It has a mild anesthetic so the areas that were dry and cracked were not painful while the blistex got to work healing my lips!

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