Suffering from PCOS? You are not alone!

Suffering from PCOS? You are not alone! 1

The theme for this year’s World Health Day is centered on the fundamental right of every individual to access quality health services and education, regardless of their location or status. However, it cannot be ignored that misinformation and poor diagnosis rates have become a significant challenge in addressing health issues such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).These issues have led to a lack of proper care and treatment for those affected.

What is PCOS?
PCOS, a chronic condition that affects women during their fertile years, is caused by ovaries that secrete an excess of male hormones, known as androgens. Doctors still don’t know exactly why this happens but suspect it’s due to genetics, unchecked inflammation and insulin resistance.

While healthy ovaries will produce and release a mature egg each month, a PCOS-affected ovary produces immature egg follicles. Instead of growing to maturation and being released, these develop into multiple small cysts. (This is what gives the condition its name – “polycystic” referring to having many cysts.) Still, this isn’t the only thing elevated androgen levels can lead to.

They might also cause a PCOS sufferer to have irregular periods – or no period at all. Other symptoms include oily skin, acne, weight gain, skin discolouration and thinning hair as well as developing hair where it shouldn’t be – like on your face. But again, the thing that makes diagnoses tricky is that a sufferer won’t necessarily have every symptom. However, getting a diagnosis is vital because, if left untreated, PCOS can lead to infertility and act as a precursor for potentially deadly conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even endometrial cancer.

It’s all about your hormones

To understand PCOS – as well as how to treat and beat it – realise that the root cause is unbalanced hormones. To start, sufferers typically produce more androgen (the male hormone). This causes the ovaries to not release an egg each month and other negative effects include oily skin, an increase in acne and excessive hair growth – often in unwanted places such as on your face!

Another hormone that goes haywire when you’ve got PCOS? Insulin. In fact, as many as 70% of PCOS sufferers will also be insulin resistant. In this case, your body starts to produce an excessive amount of insulin because it’s stopped responding to the important message this hormone signals – that it’s time to use the sugar in your blood for energy. Instead, the glucose just languishes in your veins, elevating your bloody sugar levels, and eventually gets stored away as fat. This is why being insulin resistant and struggling to lose weight, particularly around the belly area, go hand in hand. It’s also why suffering from PCOS and not treating it can dramatically increase your risk of developing diabetes.

A proven all-natural solution

Another way you can ease the symptoms of PCOS is via a proven supplement – Ovaria by Lamelle Pharmaceuticals.

Suffering from PCOS? You are not alone! 2

A great tasting powder that can be added to any liquid, Ovaria contains a blend of all-natural ingredients including Myo-inositol. This naturally occurring carbohydrate won’t aggravate insulin resistance. Instead, it helps to regulate your body’s response to it, reducing your risk of developing diabetes as well as other PCOS-related complications.

Better yet, when you manage your insulin levels, you’ll reduce your androgen levels. As a result, Ovaria can support weight loss while reducing the severity of acne as well as excessive hair growth.

The other great thing about Ovaria is that it’s clinically proven. Studies show it can restore the regularity of your menstrual cycle and increase your ovulation rate to enhance your fertility in as little as 16 weeks!

Ovaria is available in two flavours, Peach and Orange and each box contains 30 sachets (one month supply) which can be mixed with water or any hot beverage and taken each morning prior to eating breakfast.

Shop Ovaria online, here.

This post was sponsored by Lamelle Pharmaceuticals.


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