Taming beastly eyebrows

trim eye brows, facial hairWe all know the effect a thick, shapely pair of eyebrows can have on the opposite sex (think Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, or Tom Selleck, or Collin Farrell). Ladies love them. They make you look, well, more manly. The look you want, though, is brauny – not beastly. Even though we don’t generally take much notice them, they have a significant impact on our appearance – so if your eyebrows are a little on the wild side (i.e. growing like weeds), streamlining them can make all the difference. You have several options:

Trimming: Use an eyelash comb (or your girlfriend’s old mascara brush, cleaned of course), or rub your eyebrows upward so the hairs run in the same direction. Trim the longest hairs so that they line up with the top curve of your brow.

Plucking: The golden word to keep in mind is: ‘sparingly’. Pluck most sparingly above and below your brows (or preferably not at all) – if you look pleasantly surprised even when you’re not actually, you’ve gone too far. Seriously, though, plucking above or below your brows can make your face look more feminine, so if that’s the look you’re going for, go ahead; if not, your best bet is to take it easy and try it over a few days, a little at a time. Less is more.

Waxing: This is best done by a professional (i.e. don’t try this at home) as it can be very difficult to get a natural-looking shape from waxing. Bottom line – stick to the middle path, and don’t even think about getting waxed above or below the brow.

Shaving: Repeat after me, ‘I will not, under any circumstances, take a razor to my eyebrows.’ Just. Don’t. Do it. Just think of the regrowth – eyebrow stubble is not a good look.

Taming beastly eyebrows 1Divide and conquer: If you have very thick eyebrows, chances are they’re not plural, but singular, i.e. a unibrow. Luckily, help is certainly at hand.
Rather than tackle the unibrow yourself, it’s advisable to have it plucked by a professional at a salon, so that you can at least get an idea of the most appealing shape, and thereafter do your own maintenance at home with a pair of tweezers as the need arises. (NB: Explain that you do not wish to appear feminine, merely normal, and he or she will undoubtedly go extra easy on you.)
If you’re going it alone, here’s a neat trick to make sure you keep things in proportion: line up a pencil from the outer sides of the ball (tip) of your nose to your brows. Your head should be level and the pencil pointing straight up. Do not pluck your brows further that the inner border of the pencil, or you’ll risk making them look too feminine.

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