The beauty of saving water


Using less H2O for your skincare routine isn’t complicated and doesn’t mean compromising. Read on to discover the ways of the water-wise.

The fiendish El Niño, a weather system that appears regularly and drives away rain while pushing up temperatures, is the reason South Africa is in a severe cycle of drought at the moment. And some experts say it will get worse before it gets better.

That’s why finding ways to save water isn’t a tree hugger’s hobby or a nice educational project for kids anymore. It’s become a necessity and you can do it in surprising ways – like changing your beauty routine.

Here are a few ideas

Showers are a better way of cleaning yourself than a bath, because all the grime, soap and shampoo are washed away. A shower of a generous eight minutes, more than enough time to wash your hair as well, will use up to 20 litres less water than the average bath.

My frugal grandparents always had a bucket in the bathroom. You had to catch the cold water in it while you waited for the shower to warm up, then go pour it on the vegetable garden. It saved a good ten litres per shower.

Shaving usually takes three to five minutes. While you’re doing it under the shower, as much as 75 litres of shower water can go down the drain – even more, if you exfoliate and moisturise as well. Separate your washing and shaving time under the shower. That way you can turn the water on and off as you need it while wielding the blades.

Grey-water skincare is all about natural products with no petrochemicals or parabens. Wash with these and you can use the run-off water in the garden. The easiest way to do this: wash in a basin like grandma did and toss it out afterwards.

If you’ve washed your face the night before, a waterless cleanser is all you need in the morning. Your skin will welcome the break.

Dry shampoo is more than a makeshift solution when you’re roughing it. Use it to add an extra day between regular washes – you’ll be saving electricity on blow-drying as well. You can even make your own – try Googling some recipes!

A lot of shower water runs away while you wait for your conditioner to do its thing. Instead, try one you can leave in or use a hair oil.

The list wouldn’t be complete without this old chestnut: close the tap while brushing teeth or reaching for whatever bottle isn’t where you left it.

Got any water-wise tips and tricks of your own to share? Tell us below.





5 Responses

  1. Really great tips especially since there are already water restrictions in certain areas

  2. Water wise, I save all my grey water, bath water & washing machine. Use to wash cars, windows, water the garden & etc. Water is like liquid Gold. You cannot survive withot wataer

  3. I wash my hair over the bath and then bathe in the shampoo/conditioner water. Water is life! We cannot waste even a drop!

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