The benefits of stretching brought to you by adidas

The benefits of stretching brought to you by adidas

To those of us who aren’t familiar with the benefits of stretching, it may seem like a pointless activity. When you’re eager to get going, this somewhat mundane act takes up valuable time that most of us would prefer to spend on the road (or the treadmill, if you’re running at the gym). The fact is, stretching before and after exercise is crucial –particularly for those who run.

When we stretch we enable our muscles to become more flexible and less tense. The process lengthens them, and warms them up so that extended movement becomes easier. Not only does it allow for greater movement of our muscles, but the extra blood flow to the area means you’ll have increased energy levels during your run too.

In addition, there is less of a risk of injury such as pulling a muscle, as the muscles are warmed up and able to move comfortably. A post-workout stretch helps to reduce muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up, plus it helps the muscles to recover faster. With a post-workout stretch, you will be able to exercise more easily the next time, as you won’t suffer from sore muscles and joints as much as you otherwise would.

Some fitness experts believe in jogging for ten minutes before you start your stretches. This moderate activity warms them up to allow for greater flexibility while you stretch. Others think that jogging is unnecessary, and that it’s perfectly safe to start off by stretching. What most experts agree on, is that you should dedicate five to ten minutes for pre-workout stretching and about five minutes for post-workout stretching.

When stretching before a run, be sure not to only focus on your legs, but to give your torso, arms and groin some attention too. Doing a full body stretch will enable you to perform at your very best.

Stretching should not hurt, so be careful not to over-stretch. What you’re looking for is slight discomfort, but not pain. If you do feel any pain, try to go steadier on your muscles, as over-stretching can cause injury too.

If you haven’t identified a stretching routine that works best for you, have a look online – athletes from around the world as well as trainers and fitness experts often post step-by-step routines that you can benefit from. If you’re training at a gym, ask one of the instructors to give you some tips.

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10 Responses

  1. When I starting working out I never would stretch, Now I stretch before and after every workout and I feel so much better for it. I love stretching now

  2. I absolutely love stretching. My rule is to stretch a minimum of 10 minutes before a workout and I wind down afterwards with a 20 min stretch which is more yoga focused.
    I definitely believe that it helps ease the aches and pains you usually feel the next day after a hard workout. It also makes me feel great knowing that I am keeping my body very supple.

  3. Hmmm I sometimes don’t stretch before going for a jog. No wonder it’s such a pain jogging, just the thought that I have to makes me tired. I will try the warming up routine and see what happens.

  4. That happened to me @NaturalDiva when I was in high school. Stretching is very important.

  5. Interesting article; I only thought it was important to stretch your arms and feet!

  6. You only learn the importance of stretching when you skip it and start exercising and pull a muscle. Most uncomfortable pain ever.

  7. This weekend I learnt the value of stretching – after suffering runner’s knee. Good article!

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