Which supplements will increase my energy levels?

I do a lot of physical training and have been upping the frequency of my vitamin B shots, but I’m still feeling really tired, probably because of the heat. I supplement with the right vitamins and eat very healthily. How long does vitamin B actually stay in your system and are there other supplements I can be taking?

Vitamin supplements for increased energy

Dr Graham Duncombe from Skin, Body & Health Renewal explains:

“Hello and thank you for your interesting question. Vitamin B12 stays in your system for only two to three days after receiving a shot, however the effects of a vitamin B12 shot last for far longer, such as blood count improvement, etc. If you are still feeling tired, I would expect one of the other nutrients to be depleted too. Have your doctor check your iron levels, thyroid, blood pressure and blood sugar to begin with. Correct these possible imbalances next and also consider whey protein and L-carnotine for strength and stamina.”

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4 Responses

  1. I have a very weak immune system and find that my energy levels are very low all the time. I heard that I can use B12 but it takes long to work.

  2. I’ve worked with a few people who vouch for them but a part of me thinks it’s a placebo effect.
    I suppose I’m just old fashioned in the sense that I’ll rather eat well, get plenty of rest in between workouts and do yoga.

  3. It is so helpful to know these things. I always feel tired, take my Multivitamin every day. I went to the doctor last year for blood tests just to find out if there was something that was causing my tiredness. The tests came back fine apart from a slight potassium deficiency. I sometimes drink energy drinks for extra caffeine it contains and I don’t find that even helps. So basically I still have not gotten to the root of my tirednes. I have never tried the Vitamin B12 shots as I am truly scared of needles so I do not think that is an option for me. I take hormones (the pill) to control my acne and cuproterone also. Could these hormones maybe cause tiredness by any chance?

  4. I’ve heard about the vitamin B shots. Are they safe; do they have side-effects ?

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