The Guys Guide to Skin

Understanding your specific skin type means better grooming and, bonus, less time in the beauty aisles! Here’s our glance-at guide to men’s skin and what products will help you save face.

Guys guide to skin

You know you have oily skin if your skin feels oily, looks shiny (especially on the forehead, nose and chin) and could possibly be congested (think blackheads and pimples), reports skincare therapist and owner of Cape Town’s Urban Apothocary, Charlie Corkill. You need three go-to products here: a gentle exfoliator, a foaming cleanser and a lightweight moisturiser, she says. You’ll use your cleanser (commonly called a facial wash) and moisturiser every day – and aim to use your exfoliator about once a week.
TRY: DermaFix Dermapolish (R225 for 50gr), or Vaseline Men Face Even Tone Expert Oil Control Face Wash, 100ml, R39.99.

You know you have dry skin if your skin feels dry and tight, says Corkill. ‘There could be some flaking and dullness to the skin,’ she adds. Investing in separate day and night time moisturisers is the ticket – ideally something hydrating with an SPF for day and a different hydrating moisturiser for night.
TRY: Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF15 (R525) and L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Moisturising Cream (R140).

You know you have sensitive skin if your symptoms are similar to those with oily or dry skin but the difference is that your skin also feels easily irritated and generally has a red ‘angry’ appearance, says Corkill. And be warned; thanks to sensitivity your skin’s symptoms might also be aggravated even more by harsh or unsuitable products. ‘Acne rosacea is quite common in men with sensitive skins,’ she explains. Your game plan is to choose a soothing, calming moisturizer teamed with a very gentle shaving cream with no potential irritants like parabens or sulphates.
TRY: Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream (R265) that contains no artificial fragrance or colour. Another great product is Vaseline Men Face Even Tone Expert Hydrate & Soothe Moisturiser, 50ml, R49.99.

You know it’s time to start using anti-ageing products if you’re serious about prevention rather than cure. The reason for this rather flaky answer (forgive us, but you’ll get our point soon enough) is that skincare should start from an early age, certainly from one’s early 20s, as an anti-ageing prevention method, says Corkill. ‘As men get older the skin starts to become thinner, drier and has less elasticity and therefore prevention is always best,’ she says. Her suggested regime for age fighting includes a day cream with high SPF and an anti-aging eye cream too.
TRY: Nivea For Men Skin Energy Instant Effect Q10 Eye Roll-On, R85 for 10ml and Nivea For Men Skin Energy Instant Effect Q10 Moisturiser, R115 for 50ml.

STOCKISTS: DermaFix, visit  |  Dermalogica, visit  |  L’Oreal Paris, call call 0860 102 491  |  Nivea, call 0860 102 091 for stockists

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