The low down on fillers: Our review

Filler and Botox are two different things and perform very different roles. You may have read my article on Botox – if not, please do. Here, I take you through the process of fillers, that I had done by Dr Bianca from Skin & Body Renewal. Now that I’ve had Botox and fillers done, I can definitely say that it is the best invention and that eyebrow threading is more painful for me!

Filler is used to fill areas that have lost volume. I only had one area of concern that I wanted Dr Bianca to “fill” and that was my nasolobial fold. These lines, or smile indentations, were quite deep and I found my skin was becoming very, very dry in this area due to the loss of volume.

WARNING: Graphic images below

Before the filler was injected we zoomed into my mouth area so you can see the loss of volume around the nasolobial fold area we were about to treat.


1. Dr Bianca iced the area she was going to inject with the filler to numb it.


2. The thin, long needle is inserted into the area. I can feel it more than the Botox. This time I can feel a stinging sensation until the needle is removed. You can see the different angles in which the needle is inserted and the reddening that has occurred post-injection.

3. Dr Bianca advised that sometimes with filler it could cause “lumps” that just need to be massaged and flattened. Luckily I never had any issues post-treatment. I was slightly red for a day but then that settled. I used Optiphi Post-Tox Infinity Serum after my treatment. It is designed to extend the effect of your aesthetic procedure.

4. Here is an image taken three weeks later. You can see how the filler has lifted the folds ever so slightly so that it is still natural.


Price dependent on area treated.

I asked Dr Bianca to give us the lowdown on fillers.

1. What is the difference between filler and Botox?
Filler is its namesake – it is a substance that is injected into an area to fill that space (think of it as miracle polyfiller), whereas Botox relaxes the muscles in the area it is injected.

2. What is filler made from?
There are many types of filler. The most common one is made of hyaluronic acid. It is very similar to the hyaluronic acid found in our skins.

3. When should one start using filler? And does the same apply to Botox?
It depends on your genetics and how you are ageing. Botox is largely preventative, so we recommend that people consider it from about 24 or 25 years of age. Filler can be started whenever volume loss is detected. I would recommend readers go for a consultation with an aesthetically minded doctor and get an assessment – they do not have to immediately start injections, but they can advise on how to age well…

4. How can filler be removed?
Hyaluronic acid fillers are the only ones that can be dissolved. This is done with an enzyme called Hyalase.

5. Can one administer too much filler into an area?
Yes but if you are using hyaluronic acid fillers you can dissolve the filler.

6. When can one wax and perform other facial procedures post treatment?
We usually like you to wait 10 – 14 days after filler injections before having more active treatments.

7. Are there known reactions to filler?
Swelling and bruising are the more common reactions. Seldom lumps can occur but these can be dissolved if necessary. There are other rare reactions but we reduce the risk of these by using reputable dependable brands.

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  1. You look so much younger !! A very informative article, with stunning results.

  2. This is a very informative article – thank you.
    I especially appreciated the question and answer section – they featured all my burning questions, with detailed answers!

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