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In the Middle East oud scents are very popular, but only over the past few years has this trend made its way across the borders, and is now readily available from most fragrance brands.

The scent originates from the Agarwood tree, known to be one of the most expensive woods in the world. Agarwood trees have been grown for centuries to produce high quality incense and are used for many other medicinal purposes.

The source of the oud is the resin produced inside the tree, which comes from an infected mould. The type of oud produced will depend on the tree itself. It is a very potent scent and is not for everyone.

We think it is suited to older men, but you may be pleasantly surprised. Here are our top picks of oud scents for guys:

1. Hugo Boss Damask & Oud, R1515
2. Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Desert Oud, R3090
3. Boss Bottled Oud EDP 30ml, R1115
4. Gucci Intense Oud 50ml, R1605 (effective 1 March 2016)
5. YSL La Collection Splendid Wood EDP 80ml, R2900

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9 Responses

  1. Oud has been the best-kept Arab secret perfume for ages! I’m super chuffed at its recent popularity. Generally expensive, yet really a long-lasting smell that stands out, and that I certainly can’t forget!

    Traditional arab oud perfume!
    John Varvatos oud perfume
    Gucci Oud Perfume
    Dolce and Gabana Velvet Desert bud
    Shzen Oud perfumes!

    Found these the following oud fragrances really amazing! Would love to try the Jo Malone one as it’s one of my fave brands, yet not available in my region!

  2. I always wondered what the term “oud” meant until I sniffed an “oud” scent the first time. These scents are woody, sexy and potent with exceptionally good sillage. If you like leaving behind a fragrance trail, these are the scents for you!

  3. I too recently discovered Jo Malone in Canal Walk. I fell in love with the gents Oud Bergamot retailing for R2,040.00 100ml. I’ve never before smelt anything more decadent! For sillage I give it 6/10 and longevity 7/10.

  4. While the above mentioned perfumes do smell lovely, it is a bit strong for everyday use. I would recommend using it perhaps only as a winter perfume. The oriental tones in the perfume are very welcoming as I love using attar oils. A fragrance I would really recommend is the rose oud from a shop in the Waterfront called Jo Malone. It is pricey, but so are the above perfumes and it is money well spent.

  5. The perfumes listed above are definitely men’s Oud perfumes, the best female oud perfume I’ve worn is Aoud Queen Roses by Montale, it has a heart of rose combined with oud, slighty musky with sensual notes of patchouli & leather.

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