Is my pigmentation worse in the deeper layers of my skin?

Is it true that the pigmentation you see on your skin is just the “tip of an iceberg” and that it is far bigger and worse in the layers that you can’t see with a naked eye? I heard that you shouldn’t ignore small areas of pigmentation as they are worse in deeper layers and can surface later on.


Skincare expert and founder of Skin & Body Renewal, Dr Maureen Allem, responds:

Sadly, in many cases, yes, this is true. Very often the deeper damage, sitting in the dermis is not visible on the surface to the skin. But as we age and our skin becomes less resilient, and the cell turnover slows down, we see more and more of that damage coming to the fore as we age. This is why it is so vitally important to try and maintain your youthful skin for as long as possible and take preventative measures to avoid accumulating as much damage as possible. This is why I’m so pedantic about suggesting the use of SPF and antioxidants on the skin every single morning, and why I’m very pro- the use of a good retinoid product a few times a week in the evening, even for the “younger folk.” The longer you can encourage your skin to behave and appear healthy, the better and more gracefully you age. Of course, using a good SPF and antioxidants, are also great for skin cancer prevention.

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