The Mohawk

It’s the 80’s hairstyle that just won’t quit. But with the stylish, metrosexual spin that celebrities like David Beckham, Ashley Cole, Zac Efron and Mark Salling have updated the style with, the Mohawk is relevant and on trend, yet again.

The Mohawk

Faux Mohawk

Great for the business environment, the faux Mohawk let’s your get away with expressing your individuality, but without crossing any professional lines. Keep the sides and back trimmed and short, but not shaved, while the top is a little longer and combed up and forward. You’ll need gel or wax to keep the top in place.

Short Mohawk

This style is great for guys who don’t have hair that can easily be transformed with styling gel or wax. It’s also great for course hair and for guys who like a neat buzz-cut but want something a little different this time around. The sides and back need to be shaved completely (your typical buzz-cut) but the centre strip on top of your head is kept a little longer than the rest. Not too long that it needs product though.

Layered Mohawk

No cutting or trimming of your hair is necessary, but you’ll need a bit of length though. To style, all you need is rub a bit of styling gel or wax onto your hands and from the sides of your head push your hair up toward the centre parting of your scull and a little to the front of your head. It’s a messy, layered, just-got-out-of-bed look.

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  1. Sexy! And Puck from Glee… Swoon!!! Boyfriend mght just be getting a hair cut sponsored by me… hehe

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