The pros and cons of having a fringe

The pros and cons of having a fringeAre you stuck in a hair rut and thinking of cutting a fringe? You may be wondering if it’s a good idea or if you’ll regret it. BeautySouthAfrica brings you the pros and cons of wearing a fringe.

You don’t have to worry about untidy brows – you can let your fringe cover them so that you wont have to stress about tweezing (or worry if you have over-tweezed).

You can give yourself a total makeover – by cutting a fringe, which is such a simple yet big step, you’ll get a totally different look. Remember, a change is a good as a holiday.

It can cover up spots and lines – spots could either be pigmentation marks, scarring or that nasty pimple that crept out of nowhere. Also, that stubborn line between your brows (often called a frown line) will be covered by your fringe.

Fake that chiselled jaw bone – if your fringe and hair are cut correctly, it could help create the illusion of a chiselled jaw line. We love this one!

There’s no turning back – once you have cut it, it’s official – and there to stay for a while!

Regular visits to the hair salon – unless you’re a pro and feel safe with scissors in your own hands, you will need to visit your salon to have regular trims.

Avoiding the curtain look – when you start to grow your fringe out, it may start to resemble curtain drapes. Avoid this by clipping it back or creating a side parting.

More styling time – now that you have hair hanging in front of your face you need to make sure it looks good. Get up five minutes earlier to wash and style your fringe so that you look presentable.

Gym time horror – you will need to make sure you pack clips or a headband into your bag. There is nothing worse than exercising with hair in your face. This could also cause breakouts on your forehead due to the bacteria in your sweat.

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26 Responses

  1. Hahaha this is fantastic. I had a fringe and the reasons for it are almost exactly like the pro’s. It really does cover up your brows, but that is not a good things, because by the time you go to tame them , they are so bad that it is such a mess and you have to go to a professional for help, a fringe can also cause pimples as well as hide them, because of how having a fringe can make you sweat, and a fringe is a pain to have when you are at the gym yes, it just goes everywhere and when you sweat is may look like a ” there is something about Mary”re-enactment. I think that all of us have had a fringe and many of us won’t go back.

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