The truth about cellulite

Cottage-cheese thighs, skin that resembles orange peels, saddle bags and dimples are just some of the names given to fat deposits that sit just below the skin’s surface. Cellulite is the proper term given to these fatty deposits and most women will suffer from it at some stage in their lives. There is no proper cure for cellulite but the more you know about it and what is available to help reduce the appearance, the easier it will be to live with.

truth about cellulite

Cellulite can start to develop from the tender age of 15 and then tends to worsen as we get older. Some of the most common causes are the following:
1. As we age, so does our skin. The tightness of our skin tends to decrease as we get older as our collagen becomes less firm; this then allows for those fat deposits – known as adipose fat cells – to be pushed further towards the skin’s surface.
2. As we get older our body processes tend to slow down, and cellulite starts to develop because of slowing circulation.
3. We tend to pick up weight as we age and with weight comes body fat. And this, needless to say, plays a big role in the development of cellulite.
4. Hormonal factors play a role in the development process of cellulite. Oestrogen, insulin and prolactin are believed to contribute.
5. The good old genetics factor comes in once again. If your mother or grandmother had a slow metabolism or poor circulation, you may also, and this is likely to lead to the development of cellulite.
6. Poor diet can also cause the development and deposits of fat cells. Drink lots of water and exercise regularly.

There are two different types of cellulite: hard and soft.

Hard cellulite:

This type of cellulite occurs in active people such as athletes and dancers. It is not as prominent as soft cellulite as it attaches itself directly to the muscle. It is also harder to cure as it doesn’t lift from the body easily.

Soft cellulite:

This type of cellulite is much more visible to the eye as it is not as concentrated as hard cellulite. You can check for this by pinching your skin between your thumb and forefinger. If you see dimples, you know you have soft cellulite. Soft cellulite occurs in large sections and doesn’t attach itself as tightly to muscle.

Where is cellulite most commonly found?

Regular fat can be found anywhere on the body, whereas cellulite tends to sit in the following areas:
• stomach
• upper back – below one’s shoulders
• the back of upper arms
• buttocks
• thighs – upper, inner and back.

The reason that cellulite is most commonly found on the thighs is due to an enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase which controls the distribution of fat in our bodies and it tends to be more concentrated in this area.

Removal of cellulite

Although there are no easy steps or one straight remedy to getting rid of cellulite, there are many ways of treating it. Lifestyle and diet definitely play a huge role. Exercising will promote better circulation. There are also lots of creams and rubs that one can massage into affected areas for toning and firming.

Liposuction is one of the treatments available that is quick and supposedly a once off. Liposuction however is not always successful and the removal may result in a new production of cellulite in the same area. This is because liposuction attacks the middle layer of skin removing the fat cells, leaving the top layer still looking like an orange peel. Liposuction can also leave your skin looking loose which increases the apearance of cellulite.

Endermologie seems to be quite an effective way of removing that orange peel appearance. This technology actually targets the top, dimpled layer of skin. It is less invasive than liposuction and therefore less painful.

Ultrasound and heat therapy are just a few more treatments to mention that are available on the market. Consult your doctor for advice on the best treatment.


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  1. Found only good exercise that brings lots of blood to the area helps, with massage, that helps the muscles and drainage of fat.

  2. Wish there was a magic pill for cellulite. Dieting & exercise has such a small effect

  3. It’s battle I’ve been fighting since my teenage years and nothing seems to get rid of it. It only gets better when I develop more muscle but It’s still there. maybe going to try the Endermologie

  4. Cellulites! Awful! I never have one till i gave birth 9 months ago… I think being lean and toned eliminates this curse

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