These are Spring 2020’s hottest makeup trends

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 1

There’s a lot more to seasonal makeup trends than meets the eye. While trends almost always originate on the runways – makeup – like fashion, takes on a bit of social commentary four times a year. Inspired by global trends and events, makeup trends are often a reaction to the state of the world.

Globally, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in recent history, so it comes as no surprise that fashion and makeup is veering towards the opposite: technically-precise, “perfect” makeup is making room for a more playful and “imperfect” approach.

If Spring 2020 makeup trends had to be summed up in one word, the word would be FUN. Think Euphoria and Glow Up: lots of colourful liner, bold lipsticks, glitter and sparkles, neon and pops of bright colour. Minimalism is out, and maximalism is in. Application is imperfect and rules are forgotten. It’s all about enjoying your products and experimenting with colour and texture.

Here are the major trends to expect this season (and a few tips on how to achieve them at home!).

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 2

Glittery eyes
The more glitter, the better! It all started with the glitter smokey eyes at Brandon Maxwell’s Spring 2020 runway show. Take your smokey eye up a notch by using glitter eyeshadow instead of a shimmery or matte eyeshadow. Glitter shadow sits better when you’ve primed your eyelids, so be sure to apply a primer before gently pressing the glitter shadow onto your lids.

We recommend Wet n Wild’s Coverall Eyeshadow Primer (R99.00) as a base, with Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Eyeshadow Glitter (R46.95) on top. Our favourite spring shades are 352 Groupie (an eye-catching pink) and 356 Spiked (a daring silver).

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 3

Rainbow eyes
Also referred to as “Monet eyes” (think about the way artist Claude Monet’s colours ran into each other), rainbow eyes are a real work of art. Get this look by taking a couple of different eyeshadow colours (any colour of the rainbow!) and apply them with sweeping brushstrokes around the upper and lower eyelids. The key is to keep the strokes loose and not to spend too much time and effort blending.

We recommend Wet n Wild’s Limited Edition Bretman Rock Eyeshadow Palette (R399.95) for a full array of rainbow colours.

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 4

White eyeliner
White eyeliner is known for making eyes look more “awake” when applied to the waterline. This season we’re seeing it applied across the top eyelid with a flick, like you would usually do with a black liner. It’s fun and fresh, and works best on darker skin tones.

Try Pretty By Flormar’s Eye Pencil in 104 Pearly White (R44.95) for easy application and great colour payoff.

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 5

Double falsies
This Spring, you can expect to see a major increase in double false lashes, meaning false lashes are applied to both the top and bottom lashes, à la Twiggy. To avoid irritating your waterline, you might want to apply your bottom pair just below your natural lashes, rather than against them. This baby doll look is quite the showstopper, so you can skip eyeshadow and liner entirely.

We recommend Kiss’s Blowout Lash in Pixie (R89.95) for the top lashes and Kiss’s Blooming Lash in Peony (R140.00) for the bottom.

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 6

Bare skin
So “bare skin” doesn’t actually mean bare skin, but it alludes to a fresh complexion with minimal foundation. The skin shines through the makeup, rather than being covered up. This means freckles, texture and any imperfections are proudly on show.

For lightweight cover, try Wet n Wild’s Photo Focus Stick Foundation (R119.95). It’s semi-matte and blendable, so you have total control over the coverage. If you prefer a bit more coverage and a liquid formula, we recommend Pretty By Flormar’s new Get Real Matte Foundations (R149.95).

Try the Eco Tools Foundation Brush (R135.00) for super easy application.

Simple, Modern, Trendy & Fashion forward, Real Techniques offers must have beauty tools. For blending, try a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (R140.00). You can use it damp or dry with liquid foundation for a wonderful finish.

Firm and broad for application and blending of cream or liquid foundation, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (R210.00) will leave you with a smooth finish.

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 7

Neon and bright lips
Neon and brightly hued lipsticks replace the deep berries and plums we wore throughout winter. Think coral, orange, fuchsia, hot pink and cherry red.

We love Pretty By Flormar’s Essential Lipstick in shades Orange 023 and Deep Fuchsia 017 (R59.95), and Wet n Wild’s Silk Finish Lipstick in shades Hot Red and What’s Up, Doc.

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 8

Juicy lips
Remember the lip glosses of the late 90s / early 2000s? This juicy lip look is back with a vengeance, but unlike the lip gloss you wore in high school, today’s formulations are shiny without the stickiness. You can pile it on as much as you like, and you can even turn your favourite matte or cream lipstick glossy by layering some transparent lip gloss over it.

Try Wet n Wild’s Megalast Stained Lipgloss (R99.95) and Pretty By Flormar’s Stay True Lipgloss (R69.95)

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 9

Contrasting colours
Here’s where you can really break the rules. Spring 2020 dictates that your lipstick no longer has to be in harmony with your eyeshadow. Purple lids and coral lips? Blue lids and red lips? Everything goes, and the bolder the look, the better.

These are Spring 2020's hottest makeup trends 10

Nude nails
Ironic, maybe, but despite all the colourful makeup we saw on the Spring 2020 runways, nude nails prevailed at all the biggest shows. And right at its heels was the classic French manicure. Nude nails are fresh, clean and classy, so it’s no surprise that they’re making a comeback after a winter filled with shades of berry, plum, blue and grey.

We recommend Kiss 24 French Nails Pink (R99.95) for ready-to-wear French manicure perfection. For a classic nude, try Pretty By Flormar’s Essential Nail Enamel in shades 45 Nude Rose and 46 Caramel (R29.95).

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