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Whether you’re flying abroad or simply driving up the coast for a weekend, no one likes to leave their beauty products behind when they go on holiday. Thanks to some clever packing tips and tricks, you no longer have to. Pack smart and give your make-up and fragrance a first-class trip, no matter where you go.

Be selective

Travelling is all about making the most of your limited suitcase space. Take the time to go through your products thoroughly and decide which ones you really need. Your daily moisturiser and sun lotion? Yes. Your entire collection of hair styling tools? Probably not. If you’re staying at a hotel, find out which products (soap, shampoo etc.) come complimentary with the room.

Choose multi-tasking products

Instead of taking loads of individual make-up products, take a make-up palette along. There are usually more than enough eyeshadow and blusher shades for you to use on holiday, plus many of them have the application tools in there too. Choose a multi-purpose BB cream or tinted moisturiser to combine your day cream and foundation and opt for tinted lip balms that contain an SPF. When travelling it’s not at all uncommon for the skin’s barrier to become disturbed as you go from climate to climate. So making sure you use a barrier repair cream or barrier repairing moisturiser along too.

Remove excess air

When the air pressure in the aeroplane changes due to elevation, the air inside your plastic containers can cause the bottle to leak. Be sure to give it a squeeze and let the excess air our before you pack it in your suitcase. For extra protection, you can even place cellotape over the cap to help prevent a product explosion.

Protect the fragile ones

If you’re travelling with fragrances, you have to pack them in such a way that the fragile glass bottles don’t get squashed or damaged. Put the bottle in a sock, or wrap a scarf around it, and then slip it into a slipper or sturdy shoe. If you can’t bear the thought of risking your pricey scent, ask for sample phials at the counter and take those along instead.

Add a layer of cling wrap

Many experienced travellers swear by this rule – put a layer of cling wrap over the opening of your shampoo bottle before putting the cap back on. The chances of the product leaking are severely reduced.

Use re-sealable bags

Even if you take precautions to prevent your products from leaking, it’s still a good idea to put them in sealable Ziploc bags to minimise spilling onto your clothes. Better safe than sorry!

Use mini versions of your favourite products

You know that bag of mini products you received as a gift when you bought your skin care set? Now is the time to make use of those products. Not only do they take up less space than your usual bottles and tubes, but they are less likely to spill and cause a mess in your bag.

Say no to extra (eye) bags

If you are travelling by car, you probably be packing a mini-cooler with some drinks, snacks, and ice. If your eyes get puffy during travel, stick a spoon in the cooler, too! Once chilled, placing the rounded side on your eyes will de-puff those tired peepers and make you feel refreshed.

Use a clear toiletry bag with compartments

If you’re travelling by plane, it’s a good idea to separate like products from one another, and to keep them in a clear bag in different compartments. So keep all your powders together, liquids together etc. Pack the case/bag in between your clothes, wrapped in a raincoat if possible, and make sure there aren’t high heels or anything “sharp” near it that could puncture the bag.

Opt for solids when you can
stores like Crabtree & Evelyn and Faithful to Nature offer great solid perfumes, shampoos and other essentials in solid form. They’re easy to transport, compact and long-lasting, so definitely worth looking into if you’re planning some time away.

Last but not least

We don’t even have to tell you that SPF is the most important thing to pack. Make sure to apply when travelling in the car. Why? For years dermatologists have observed that patients in the US often have more sun damage (which can lead to wrinkles, leathering, sagging, brown “age” spots and even skin cancers) on the left side of their faces than on the right. Research points to ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation penetrating through car windows. And just when you thought you’d surely be safe from sunburn while flying, that would be wrong too. When flying at high altitudes, you are closer to the sun’s harmful rays especially if you’re in the window seat. In fact, pilots count a higher risk of skin cancer as an occupational hazard!

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  1. I always pop a good bottle of eye drops into my travel makeup bag. Nothing makes you look fresher than hydrated, clear eyes!

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