Treatment of the month: Luscious Lashes Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions at Ageless Faces

Treatment name: Luscious Lashes Eyelash Extensions

What it is: An hour-long treatment where the trained beautician or professional attaches individual eyelashes directly to your natural eyelashes with a specially formulated bonding agent.

Salon: Ageless Faces

Recommended retail price: R580 for full set and R250 and above for a fill / touch up, depending on how much time is needed.

What we say:
I’ve had false lashes applied once before, but they were very long and they looked extremely fake. I therefore removed them after about two days cause they were annoying me. When I was offered the chance of having the Luscious Lashes applied I was excited and went with it. I have now had them on for nearly two months and I am totally hooked. They are so natural and easy to wear. It took about an hour to apply and about half an hour for my fill. I lay on the bed while Lindsey attached the lashes to my own lashes; it was so relaxing as I never felt her apply them. With the lashes on I don’t even feel them, as they are so natural. I have the 9mm on which is the shortest length you get. The great thing about these lashes is that I don’t have to bother about applying or removing mascara. My morning routine is so much quicker thanks to these lashes.
– Zoe, BSA Beauty Editor

I have always been too scared of false eyelashes, as I’m a contact lens wearer and my eyes are extremely sensitive. However, when the opportunity came along I couldn’t resist, especially after the ladies at Ageless Faces assured me that it’s 100% safe for lens wearers. The procedure took about an hour and I was pretty close to drifting off – it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and the only thing I felt was a slight tickle every now and then. My therapist Lindsey applied each lash to my individual eyelashes, and when she had finished, I was amazed by the results. My lashes looked long and full and I have been getting compliments ever since I had them done! It’s been about four weeks now and although some have fallen out, I am pleased to say that they are still visible! I am amazed by their longevity and by how comfortable they are – I barely feel them. I would highly recommend the procedure to anyone whose eyelashes need a bit of va-va-voom!
– Anien, BSA Content Editor

To make a booking for this treatment, call Ageless Faces in Claremont on 021 683 4424 or email [email protected]

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11 Responses

  1. This still seems too artificial looking for my liking. I think her lashes before were pretty and long enough.

  2. I love Luscious Lashes, don’t even need to put on mascara and it looks so natural! It’s not heavy at all and feels and looks natural.

  3. These are really beautiful! I have done make-up for a couple of brides that had these done for their wedding day, and it really makes all the difference!!

  4. I have very thin and sparse lashes, even two coats of mascara doesn’t help much. I’d love to get extensions if I weren’t so frugal!

  5. That looks so awesome, I’ve never put on false lashes before because I do have long lashes but I want them to be thicker! *I would really like to have that done*

  6. I am sure this takes some time getting used to. I tried the false lashes and they were too long.

  7. That is nice especially for someone like me who has small eyelashes! Please include a how-to for drawing eyebrows, I always have problem with that :(

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