Tree Hut body wash and butter – review

Tree Hut Body wash and butterWhat they say:
Tree Hut, an organic skincare range from America, is one of the latest additions to e-tailer’s already extensive beauty range that includes fragrances, hair grooming, make-up, men’s grooming and skin and body care. The Tree Hut skincare range is renowned for having certified organic Shea butter across the entire product range. Made with only natural ingredients, no parabens or DM, Tree Hut is great for both your skin and the environment. The range features an exciting array of body scrubs, lotions and body butters.

What we say:

Tree Hut Body Wash Almond Honey, 473ml, R69

The first thing that struck me about the Tree Hut almond honey body wash before I had even used it, was the smell. After cracking the bottle open when it arrived in the office, the divine honey and almond scent immediately won me over. When I eventually got the jumbo 473ml bottle into the shower, I was sold. The rich, foamy lather felt uh-mazing against my skin, but even better, it smelt as if I was soaping liquid sherbet onto my body. YUM! These days I look forward to my evening shower at the end of the day. It’s my little treat after a rough day at the office, and is fast replacing that dark chocolate and bottle of red wine…

Tree Hut Body Butter in Lavender & Chamomile, 200ml, R79

If you prefer creams to lotions then this is for you. There isn’t much of a scent, but Tree Hut’s body butter spreads like a waxy butter coating your body. Now that might sound like it’s oily or sticky, but it’s neither. The product is pretty thick, but it rubs on smoothly and absorbs into your skin immediately. The body butter is very effective in that I only need to use it once a day where before I’ve had to apply moisturiser twice daily, especially during winter.

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32 Responses

  1. I am currently using the Vanilla spice one by Tree Hut and it smells amazing!! Beyond amazing! Definitely worth buying!

  2. I love the fact that it is natural and organic product over the harsh chemicals. :)

  3. Shea Butter is so moisturizing, seeing that I have dry skin I would love to get my hands on this.

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