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Want to wake up and look refreshed and radiant in the morning? There are many reasons why your skin is lined and looks dull and tired. Whether your genetic makeup makes you prone to skin that looks fatigued or you’re working longer hours so you can take a holiday at the end of the year, here are four tips to help you get your glow at the start of and throughout the day.

Tip 1: Get a good night’s sleep
Few things are more stressful than sitting in traffic on Jo’burg’s busy roads. When your body produces an increased level of stress hormones to help you cope with physical or mental pressure, it causes skin inflammation and wrinkles. It also damages your skin’s protective barrier, which helps skin retain moisture and causes cells to grow old before their time. This causes dull and dry skin. Sleep helps to reduce stress levels and getting eight hours of sleep a night means you’ll wake up looking refreshed.

Tip 2: Wash away the pollution
Many of us live in big cities and towns like Jo’burg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth where there is a lot of pollution from cars, smoke and industrial emissions. Pollution damages skin by decreasing collagen production, which causes fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. Cleansing helps reveal radiant skin by removing pollutants and dead skin cells that accumulate and result in dull and tired-looking skin.

Tip 3: Shield your skin from the sun
Our climate can become harsh in summer and overexposure to the sun damages your skin. As temperatures rise as the holidays approach and you start to head for the coast or spend more time by the pool, you’re likely to expose your skin to harmful UV rays. Prolonged sun exposure compromises its ability to retain moisture. This leads to fine lines and wrinkles and skin that looks tired. Protect your skin with a moisturiser that contains an SPF. NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Energising Day Cream SPF 15 helps shield your skin from the sun. It contains Goji Berry extract, which immediately awakens the skin for a fresh and radiant look, decreases signs of fatigue and reduces wrinkles.

Tip 4: Give your skin a boost
Start your day with some exercise. Activities like a run up Cape Town’s mountain trails or a stroll along Durban’s beaches ensure that your body is supplied with fresh oxygen. This encourages cell regeneration to fight wrinkles and dull skin. If you don’t have the time, try NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roll-On with Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid to help reduce puffiness, wrinkles around the eyes and signs of fatigue. You can store the bottle in the fridge to keep it cool and apply to the skin around your eyes to reduce swelling. NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Energy Serum also has Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid to reduce wrinkles and give skin a well-rested appearance and glow that lasts throughout the day.

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  1. Thanks for the guidelines to get a glowing skin. I do follow these but a bit different, at night I use a clarisonic to get rid of all the dirt and pollution that has built up on my face, after a good exercise I like to steam my face to open my pores and will often apply a mask while sitting in the steam room and this gives me such amazing results, I’m not sure why no one is singing the praises of using a mask in the steam room? I also use this time to apply a mask to my hair. Anti oxidents every morning are a must follow by a physical sun screen

  2. Is there anyone who does not want a glowing skin, thanks for this easy steps to reaching that goal. Glow, glow all the way.

  3. I do my best to get enough sleep and I’m very good when it comes to taking care of my skin, but I notice more of a glow when I exercise and I love that because I work out 6 times a week and the rewards are amazing.

  4. This is a really relevant article, considering the upcoming festive season where our skin will take a beating from all the sun, overindulging and long nights. Thanks for the tips.

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