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John Frieda SHEER BLONDE® Shampoo Trial Team

John Frieda Shampoo

Price: R95
Size: 250ml
Availability: Selected Clicks stores nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
I have always loved the John Frieda brand, starting with their Frizz Ease range, however I moved over to purple shampoos and products which promised colour radiance when I decided to go from brunette to blonde.

The texture of the shampoo has a much more concentrated feel to it than most shampoos which are more runny and diluted. This for me means that a little goes a long way, making it easier to stick with the recommended “R5 coin” amount hairdressers recommend you use when washing your hair.

I happened to get the shampoo to trial just after I had my highlights done, and usually after 3 weeks I start to notice that the platinum shades in my hair start to go more “honey” in colour unless I use a good purple shampoo. With the John Frieda Everlasting Blonde Colour Preserving Shampoo, I have noticed that my hair colour has maintained its vibrant blonde radiance! I am absolutely IN LOVE with this range!
– Rosemary

I recently went blonde after 13 years of dying my hair “Over-the-Counter-Box-Black”… Needless to say – it has been a LOOONG and tiring process on my hair, which is naturally dark brown and frizzy.

I have been using the recommended salon “Silvering Shampoo” to get rid of the “yellow” tones, but usually ended up buying a R300+ product that leaves me with silver roots and golden tips… Not my desired look! It was a frustrating process to find a product to blend both my roots and my tips, and I found this product in the John Frieda Everlasting Blonde range, which comes in a Shampoo and Conditioner, both in a 250ml flip cap, tube container.

The product is specifically made for chemically treated hair and contains Safflower Oil and Bergamot extract.  With its color preserving formula, it helps you to keep your new blonde locks from fading whilst leaving your hair ultra-soft and silky smooth!  I’ve also noticed that it brings out the various highlights in my hair, which is platinum blonde and caramel blonde.
– Louise

I have long fine mousey blonde hair with highlights which I have been highlighting for many years. The shampoo comes in a tube of 250 ml and it claims to preserve your hair colour and leave the hair soft. The product contains safflower oil and bergamot extract which gives the product a lovely uplifting fragrance of a citrus nature. Only a small amount is needed to lather up the hair and its pretty concentrated.

Just one wash left my hair fresh, clean and beautifully fragrant. After rinsing out the shampoo, my hair already felt more manageable instead of its usual snarly bunch of tangles and knots.

I noticed that my hair looked more shiny and manageable after using these products and it felt very silky to the touch. A few compliments were also received by friends and family who noticed that my hair looked more luxuriant. Thank you for the great opportunity to test these excellent products. I would love to try the other products in the Blonde range as well and I would consider purchasing them at a later stage. There are lightening shampoos, conditioners and sprays as well as purple shampoos and conditioners to reduce brassiness. All aspects of being a blonde are taken care of by John Frieda.
– Rene

The promise inherent in a colour-preserving shampoo is an irresistible one. What woman does not want her colour and high-lights to look salon fresh for as long as possible? The pretty product packaging only adds to this sense of exciting possibility. However, as every bottle blonde will tell you, the real problem with highlights is managing root regrowth and, unless a shampoo can stop your hair growing out or can actively lighten the roots, I am not sure a shampoo will ever be able to work such a miracle! The trial period was not long enough for me to be able to tell whether the shampoo was preserving my colour.

However, the shampoo lathered very well and my hair looked and felt very good (and blonde) after use. All in all, it is a good shampoo which I would purchase again. However, I am not convinced in the science of what it proclaims to do and the colour-preserve tag-line is probably more an effective marketing tool rather than anything else.
– Juliette


3 Responses

  1. I’ve recently gone blonde and struggled to keep the blonde from turning yellow, spending countless amounts of money on products, and wasting time at the salons. I decided to try one last product before I gave up the blonde and went brunette. I stumbled onto BeautySouthAfrica and I read the article. I decided to just then and there to go buy the John Frieda Everlasting Blonde. That night I did my normal hair washing routine, and instantly saw a difference. It’s been 2 weeks and I still love the product. Finally the search is over and I can stay blonde! :D

  2. The John Frieda products are all really great. I have long curls and since using JF’s shampoo, conditioner and repair oil Elixir my curls feel lighter, last longer and look healthier. Love it!

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