We review fragrances from luxury botanical perfume house Clarens Parfumerie

We review fragrances from luxury botanical perfume house Clarens Parfumerie 1

The local beauty industry is booming, with local brands fast becoming favourites among South African beauty lovers. We are spoilt for choice with the wonderful collection of top quality locally-manufactured skincare, body care and hair care available, but one category that leaves a lot to be desired, is fragrance.

That was until we discovered Clarens Parfumerie, a South African luxury botanical perfume house offering 100% natural fragrances and colognes. Located in the heart of the Free State, Clarens is a haven of natural beauty (it’s also known as the “Jewel of the Eastern Free State”), showcasing stunning views of the Maluti Mountains, awe-inspiring sandstone cliffs, and a patchwork of vibrant fields, all presenting a rich palette of colours and textures.

It’s this incredible landscape that inspired the sensory journey of Clarens Parfumerie. Each fragrance in the collection is a tribute to the land in its surroundings and is 100% natural, containing only the purest essential oils, absolutes and hydrosols. These botanical scents are free from synthetic fragrances, aldehydes and chemical fixatives, making them safe for you and kind to the environment.

Clarens Parfumerie believes in creating fragrances that echo the delicate balance of elegance and wilderness that defines the town they hail from. Their passion for preservation and respect for the environment guides their craft – as such, the fragrances are vegan and cruelty-free.

Clarens Parfumerie currently offer three fragrances: Origin, Moonbloom and Mirage. Our editor was lucky enough to receive all three to trial – here are her thoughts.

“There are very few South African fine fragrances on the market, so imagine my excitement when I was introduced to Clarens Parfumerie. The first thing that stood out to me, was the brand’s commitment to putting the environment and their surroundings first. I love that the fragrances are vegan and cruelty-free, that they’re free from synthetic ingredients and that they’re not only inspired by the local environment, but also pay homage to it.  

I’ve been wearing their fragrances for a couple of weeks now and have enjoyed all three scents. I can say with certainty that each one is unique and unlike any other fragrance I’ve come across. The collection consists of:

We review fragrances from luxury botanical perfume house Clarens Parfumerie 2

Origin Eau de Cologne is warm, spicy and alluring, featuring notes of vanilla and vetiver alongside earthy and woody accords. For me, this scent is more masculine than the others and it has a very luxurious, ‘expensive’ feel to it. It’s perfect for cold winter days when you want to wear a richer fragrance. Shop Origin here.

We review fragrances from luxury botanical perfume house Clarens Parfumerie 3

Moonbloom Eau de Parfum is my favourite of the three scents. It’s a floral fragrance featuring softer, more feminine notes of jasmine and white lotus, as well as rich resins and earthy undertones. This fragrance is exotic and totally different to any other floral scent I’ve worn, which I think is largely due to the presence of white lotus (this note is rarely used in fragrance). It’s the kind of floral you can wear all year long (not just in spring!) and it has a timelessness to it which I love. Shop Moonbloom here.

We review fragrances from luxury botanical perfume house Clarens Parfumerie 4

Mirage Eau de Parfum is mysterious and alluring. It features comforting cocoa, the creamy sweetness of vanilla and Ho wood, resulting in a scent that is difficult to classify and completely unique. A little bit woody, a little bit spicy and a little bit earthy, it is velvety and rich, and has an indulgent quality to it. Shop Mirage here.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing these scents. The quality is on par with any international fragrance I’ve come across, but with the added bonus that they’re made locally with an eco-conscious approach. I love the sleek black bottles – they look really elegant on my dressing table.

They’re also really well-priced at R749 for 50ml. These days it’s difficult to find a fine fragrance for under R1500, so these scents also offer fantastic value for money. If you’re interested in supporting local, want vegan or cruelty-free fragrances, or even if you’re just a perfume enthusiast who loves discovering a new scent, I would highly recommend Clarens Parfumerie fragrances.”
Anien – Editor

Clarens Parfumerie fragrances can be purchased online here, and are also available at discerning outlets across South Africa (such as The Collective in Hout Bay and Franschhoek, Melkbos to Morocco, Pretoria Produkte and Organic Choice).


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