We review the new Diego Dalla Palma Professional FilLift range

We review the new Diego Dalla Palma Professional FilLift range 1

Diego Dalla Palma Professional FilLift is one of the newest skincare ranges on the market, and it offers some pretty spectacular benefits. An innovative brand hailing from Italy, Diego Dalla Palma Professional is known for their scientific approach to skincare and professional skincare products.

FilLift is more than your average anti-ageing line, because it focuses on so much more than just wrinkle formation. Over time, our skin also starts to lose elasticity and sag, with more hollow areas forming due to a loss of volume. You may also begin to notice your facial features hardening.

FilLift was designed to target all of these concerns at once, not only smoothing wrinkles, but also to redefine and fill the skin. Inspired by aesthetic medicine, the range makes use of cutting-edge ingredients to deliver on its promises.

Our editor has been using FilLift for a little over a month – here, she shares her experience:

“Diego Dalla Palma Professional has a terrific name and reputation in the professional beauty industry, so when the chance came around to try FilLift, their newest skincare range, I didn’t hesitate to take it up.

Initially, what impressed me most was the technology and ingredients behind the products. You can learn more about the technical stuff over here, but in a nutshell, what you need to know is that FilLift contains Collalift®18, an incredible ingredient that helps stimulate your skin’s own collagen production. But it’s not just promoting any type of collagen – it’s stimulating the production of collagen XVIII, the only type of collagen found in all the layers of the skin. This type of collagen wraps around the support structures in your skin, strengthening them, and improving the skin’s volumes and contours.

Furthermore, it contains Dermaplex peptides (these help increase skin density and fill out wrinkles) and Amplified BTX hexapeptide-1, a neuropeptide with a dermo-relaxing effect similar to that of Botox (it relaxes micro facial muscles that over time contribute to wrinkles).

That might sound like a mouthful, but what you can take from it, is that the range is designed to increase volume in your skin, plump your skin and smooth and fill / smooth wrinkles and expression lines. I used all three products in the range for around a month.

FilLift 24-Hour Remodelling Lifting Effect Cream
This moisturiser has the most incredible scent and texture. It is thick and rich and feels ultra-luxurious on the skin. This is my favourite kind of texture during the colder months as it feels really quenching and nourishing on the skin. I used it twice a day, and really enjoyed how soft and smooth my skin felt and looked. While I don’t have any deep wrinkles or major loss of volume yet, I could definitely notice an overall plumper and more youthful effect (it definitely made me look more rested!).

FilLift Smoothing Eye and Lip Contour Cream
I’m an eye cream’s toughest critic, because I have tried so many that had no effect on my concerns. This eye cream fulfilled my deepest eye area desires: it made my allergy-induced dark circles less noticeable, and it brightened the under eye area, making my eyes look brighter and more awake. It has a rich texture similar to that of the moisturiser.

FilLift Hyalu&Collagen Filler 30 Days Treatment
The brand likens this 30-day treatment to a “shock treatment to the skin” as it acts on the deepest wrinkles and utilises potent peptides to stimulate the production of collagen and re-harmonise facial volumes. I really enjoyed this treatment: the texture spreads beautifully and absorbs really quickly. After using this for a month, my skin looked brighter, tighter and plumper.

It’s hard to judge this product on its own, because I used it in conjunction with the FilLift moisturiser and eye cream, but what I can say, is that the trio worked effectively on my skin, making a visible difference to its appearance. I was very pleased with the results and would definitely use this again in future”
– Anien, Editor

FilLift is available from select spas and salons. Contact (021) 701 2900 for stockist details.

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  1. Oh wow looks amazing.every girl needs to take care of her body in every way shape and form.great new product I would love to be apart of and try some testers if possible. Thank you

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