We review the new GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum

We review the new GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum 1

A fruity-floral fragrance, the newly-launched GUESS Bella Vita perfectly captures the spirit and allure of the GUESS woman. But, as our editor discovered, there’s more to this fragrance than just a beautiful scent. Here’s her take on one of the most anticipated fragrance launches of 2021.

“What do you look for in a fragrance? Is it all about the scent? Are you captivated by the beautiful models and setting in the ad campaign? Perhaps you’re drawn to beautiful packaging and a unique bottle design?

For me, it’s a combination of factors. Yes, the actual scent is the most important, but I believe that our perception of scent can be influenced. Does a perfume smell better if it’s housed in a beautiful bottle? No, but a beautifully designed bottle might make the act of spritzing the perfume feel more luxurious. A fragrance’s narrative plays an equally large role. If you’re after a sexy scent to wear on date nights, you’re going to look for a fragrance with a seductive narrative.

What I’m trying to say, is that fragrances are complex. Creating one in which the scent, design and narrative complement one another is a fine art; one that has been perfected in GUESS Bella Vita.

We review the new GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum 2

It only took me about two seconds to fall in love with this fragrance’s narrative: the beautiful model Julia Logacheva, shot in black and white against a backdrop of Italian landscapes… I’ve always loved GUESS campaigns and GUESS models, but for me, this campaign really showcases the brand’s most exquisite work.

I love beautiful fragrance bottles, and to me, GUESS Bella Vita is housed in one of the most striking ones I’ve seen. Opulent and luxurious, it’s the kind of bottle you want to have on display.

But what is a seductive ad campaign and stunning bottle without a gorgeous scent to match? GUESS Bella Vita perfectly balances fruity, floral and warm, creamy fragrance notes. It opens with fresh and vibrant notes of zesty Italian lemon, juicy cassis and luscious black cherries. After a short while, velvety white floral notes are revealed: jasmine, tuberose and vanilla orchid come to the fore before a warm blend of amberwood, tonka bean, praline and musk settle on the skin.

The result is a long-lasting scent that makes me feel feminine, elegant and alluring. It ticks all my boxes, but unlike a lot of “crowd-pleasers,” it’s not forgettable. The GUESS woman is sensual, seductive, sophisticated and confident. This fragrance is all of those things, and more. It somehow manages to be elegant and alluring at the same time, modern yet classic and striking without being overpowering.

I’ve yet to wear it without receiving a compliment, but most importantly, every time I wear it, it makes me feel fantastic. To me, that is the true test of a great fragrance.”
– Anien, Editor


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  1. smell doesn’t last long. have not had 1 compliment. it’s called Guess cos people must guess you wearing perfume…. not happy

  2. I Would Love To Win de The GUESS Bella Vita Eau de Parfum so stylish and am sure a Sweet Fragrance too

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