When to start using anti ageing products

When to start using anti ageing products

I’m turning 30 this year, from what age should I start using anti-ageing products and what should I start with?

The answer:

There is no “set age” at which you should start using specific products. Rather it is more important to use the appropriate products for the concerns that you can see on your skin.

So, for example, if you have noticed that you have started forming fine lines around your eyes, it’s time to invest in a good quality eye product for fine lines.

If you have noticed that your skin has become a lot dryer, then it’s time to invest in more active moisturisers and hydrating serums.

So, the answer to your question is simply, what is bothering you about your skin?

That will give you an idea of where to get started. One thing I will say, however, is you should always (regardless of your age or skin concerns) be wearing an excellent sunblock every day of your life.

Dr Maureen Allem is a skin care expert at Skin Renewal. Ask her a question!

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6 Responses

  1. Great tips, I’m only in my early 20’s,, but damn getting old seems to sucks and get more expensive on the way. I actually use bio oil for my fine lines under my eyes and I haven’t had a problem with it, it got rid of my stretch marks from pregnancy.

  2. They taught us while I was training to be a beauty therapist that you can start from age 25 on, prevention is better than cure!

  3. goodness, after reading this article, i really do need to start taking more care..

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