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We reveal what it’s really like to have lash extensions


It’s not just celebrities who are wearing eyelash extensions anymore – these days, you’re likely to spot them just about anywhere you go. They’re becoming more popular by the day, and let’s face it, why wouldn’t they? Any product that offers long, thick, voluminous lashes for 24 hours a day is set to be a winner. Which brought our editors to the question: What is it really like to have eyelash extensions?

We put them to the test, and here’s what happened:

Anien, Online Editor:

The procedure: The initial procedure takes extremely long. A good therapist will talk you through the different styles and lengths, as well as how to care for them. My first appointment lasted about two and a half hours – each lash had an extension glued to it, and after about an hour, I actually fell asleep. It wasn’t painful at all, but I did feel a slight pinch once or twice when the therapist was a bit too fast with her tweezers.

How does it feel: When I first opened my eyes after the lashes had been applied, my eyelids felt slightly heavy, but this feeling disappeared after a couple of hours. They felt extremely soft and natural, but I struggled to master the perfect sleeping position for the first few nights, as I like to sleep on my side and it felt like they were being squashed. I brushed mine every morning as some of the hairs started to go a bit skew (I assume it is from sleeping on my side), and sometimes had to brush them during the day as well to keep them tame.

How long did they last: A “fill” can be done every two to three weeks, but it was only after three weeks that I found I’d had noticeable lash losses.

The pros: You literally don’t have to wear any make-up – you can slap on a tinted moisturiser and look your best. The lashes lifted my eyes, making me look more awake, plus, it always looks like you have a perfect black eyeliner line on your top eyelid. They’re a major time-saver and really do achieve what no mascara can.

The cons: They’re pricey. And the better the quality, the more you’ll pay. For the initial appointment you’re looking at anything from R550 to R800, and about R250 for a fill thereafter.

Would you do it again? Yes, definitely. They were such a pleasure to wear and saved me loads of time in the mornings. Plus, I got loads of compliments from family and friends who said I looked bright eyed and rested. The only thing preventing me from continuing with them would be the price!

Our Beauty Editor, Zoe couldn’t resist them either and she has been doing them for about two months already. “They really make getting ready so easy and simple,” she says.

Zoe says the best thing about lashes is that after a gym workout you don’t have to worry about mascara running down your face. “Even when you cry and wake up in the morning you look good! I am addicted!”

If you are in Cape Town and would like to give lash extensions a go, we have been going to a wonderful artist that we cannot highly recommend enough. Nicola-Belle Tyson is located in the Strand Street Hotel.

For bookings and more info contact 061 760 6984.

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  1. I would like to have these, but im so nervous… everyone I know who does have extension looks so beautiful and comfortable though

  2. I did it for my wedding, it looks beautifu. I don’t think it’s something you must do all the time, mine lasted for more than 4 weeks

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