Why exactly do you need a thermal water spray?


By now you’re sure to have seen the beauty world’s fascination with thermal waters, and with more and more brands releasing them in SA, they’re fast becoming must-haves among beauty junkies.

What exactly is a thermal water spray? Simply put, it’s a mineral water spray that comes from a thermal spring. It’s appeal lies in the high content of minerals in the water – these have various skincare benefits, from soothing redness to setting make-up.

Some of the uses we’ve found for them include:
– Soothing skin irritability like razor burn and chaffing;
– As an after sun;
– As a skin refresher after a long flight or trip;
– To cool you down during or after a workout;
– As added hydration for dry skin;
– As a toner;
– To set your make-up;
– To soothe the effects of conditions like eczema and dermatitis;
– Soothing itchy skin;
– Soothing sensitive skin;
– As a skin soother to use after a skin treatment.

The best ones currently available in South Africa, are the Avène Thermal Water Spray, R149.99, Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water, R169 and Uriage Eau Thermale D’Uriage, R130.

What do you use your thermal water for?

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  1. I love using my Vichy spray straight out of the shower in the mornings at gym and a quick spritz after I’ve done my makeup as well.

  2. They work so nicely in summer. Nimue has a vitamin c moisture mist with added SPF that also does a very good job to cool off the skin and hydrate during those hot summer days.

  3. Love love love thermal waters. My best is Avene and Uriage. In addition to the uses listed above I also use this after I’ve had waxing done, it’s very soothing and helps with the redness. Thermal water sounds gimmicky but it’s one of those products that you’ll see the benefits pretty soon after using it.

  4. Hi I heard positive reviews about the thermal spray and going to give it a try to set my make up and help with my dull skin ,so excited heard clicks sells this product

  5. Hi tried this thermal water spray over the weekend. It is fantastic, my skin felt so much better. Loved it.

  6. I have the Uriage and now the Avene one as well. I use it as a toner for my little ones as they feel they have to have a toner like mommy does and this one won’t hurt tgeir skin, but rather helps keep their sensitive skin soft and moisturized.
    Then I use it a setting spray for my make up and since I started doing that I have not have my make up transfer once, it rather leaves my skin looking natural and glowwy where a powder setting would leave me lookibg dry and ashy.
    My kids also use this when they fall and scrape themselves with the 5 year old crying for her “magic” water for her booboos.
    I love the thermal sprays

  7. I would love to try one of these, I do have a sensitive skin so this might be nice and calming

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