Why is benzoyl peroxide drying out my skin?

Hi Dr Maureen. I have been struggling with a few breakouts and have been using a benzoyl peroxide cream on the spots daily. It seems to be helping a lot with bringing the swelling down, but it dries my skin out terrible and leaves flaky patches… Is this normal?

Why is benzoyl peroxide drying out my skin?

Dr Maureen Allem from Skin, Body & Health Renewal says:

“Thank you so much for your question. Unfortunately this is one of the side effects of using benzoyl peroxide. It is very effective in clearing out breakouts, and unfortunately, people do tend to apply it a bit too liberally, resulting in peeling and flaking over the treated area. So my suggestion, if you are happy that the product is working for you, is: 1) Simply apply a little less, 2) Try to only apply it at night time after cleansing your skin, and 3) Make sure that you are using a good facial sunblock during the day.”

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  1. I use benzoyl peroxide only at night, and it’s very effective on pimples. Whenever I see a pimple, I apply a small amount at night and the following morning it’s gone.

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